Loaded in Diaspora

My family having JUST returned from their trip to Nigeria, I feel there is no better time than now to tackle this ever prevalent issue. The misconception that migrants living in first world countries, i.e. those living in diaspora, are rolling in the money. What humours me more, is that there are people IN these 3rd world countries living far more lavish lives, and instead of those that harbour such misconceived images of the Western world to focus on working their way up IN the society they currently inhabit, they choose to build pipe dreams on foreign soil they may never set foot on.
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 Person #1 is that poor soul living in the village. The villager knows not what exactly ‘hardwork’ consists of, but they know they MUST reap the fruits of it one way or another. These villagers are those who see it as their God-given right to ring you up at whatever : am to request you pay for this child's school fees or that wife's medical bill. WHO IS PAYING MY FEES FOOL?!? They ride on the premise of ‘charity begins at home’ but they've ridden it so hard the wheels long came off. It disgusts me that this villager never thinks that the money wasted topping-up their phonecard to call internationally day-in, day-out  could not have been better utilised to funding that said project. Not to mention the TIME they waste planning this, and waiting on you in order to execute it...? What else can be done in that time? THINK!!!

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Person #2 is the 'hustler', for failure of a better word. That's the underdog in the village or in the city, doing whatever [s]he can to work their way up. Kudos to you! Except, these hustlers see no moral line. THAT'S my issue with them. Armed robbery oh…prostitution oh…they will consider it as long as they can live the Rick Ross propelled lifestyle of BMF (Blow Money Fast) *sigh*. Why sow your hustler energy in negative soil, when you can choose to cultivate good fruits by planting hardwork of the right seed type? I'm not saying life is easy. Quite the contrary. I'm stating that life isn't easy ANYWHERE! This misconception that because one has crossed the seas, their hustle is lighter is just wrong.
Person #3 is the native rich kid. That's the kid whose parents either worked super hard to get to where they are (or 419'd their way to the top) but they have found no real means of gaining that visa and crossing the border to what they have mentally envisioned to be 'The Promised Land'. Oh dear! You know the type...rolling around with Beats headphones, speaking in an American accent and eating chocolates (or rocking Chanel/ Mulberry/ popping bottles...depending on their age) 24/7 just to show you they got it like that. LOL! These are the ones that get the WORST reality check when they cross the pond, cos life just aint like that on a daily son.
This post is dedicated to all three types to enlighten you that we work just as hard, if not harder, across the pond as you do on native soil. Shine your eyes and realise that the only real way to live the life you dream of is to work hard in whichever environment you happen to be in. Pray, meditate, fast if you must, but hardwork is a necessary ingredient any which way you look at it. 
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! We're not all loaded in diaspora, just as all on the other side are not all poorer. Xisses