Access Denied

It humours me when I receive emails alerting me of networking events, to mingle among the greats and get my foot through the door. This is in a society that goes the extra mile to depict the perfect image of equality among the masses; hoisting the flag of unity in diversity *tuts* Lets get real.
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Emigrating from Nigeria, a society that prided itself in self-made men; the 'Made in America' types, later became a society where those made men refused to relinquish their title & thus created a culture of acquired rather than achieved success. You'd think moving to the UK, which paints itself as a flat rate foundation for all to achieve success (or at least take a stab at earning it) would've propelled me to greater heights? *chuckles* However, that may have been the case in the Labour reign, but thats far from the case at present.
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I wrote an article for my University's law magazine in my final year, but that didn't even scrape  half of my sentiments at the misshaped right of access to the climb to the top for working class/ BME groups. Why paint over the fact that this is clearly a society that runs on the notion of 'its not what you know, but who you know'? After bagging a mini &  marshalling scheme from my connections, my usual plight to secure opportunities seemed like one big joke! Like, really? All the while, I should have been milking my gift of the gab. Who knew?
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British government places a lot of emphasis on the transparency of the recruitment process, yet there are clear procedural miscarriages. All I ask is that the system becomes as equal as advertised. That means starting from the bottom (do I now need to dole out royalty cheques to Drake?). In line with Blair's infamous 3 words; more attention needs to be given to education. Not only is less light shed on the weight of academic achievements at lower income schools, but now, fundamental cognitive teaching resources have been shaved off the annual budgets. Already private scholars are on a higher stead, and thats before taking into account cultural capital or heirarchial access to the professions. Why rob the already less fortunate of the basic foundation they need to break free from their culture of deprivation? There just isn't enough being done to enlighten this said group of their realistic prospect of ever accessing the top. The average Joe stands no chance.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Why paint the picture of a class equilibrium when in reality such access is denied? Xisses