Its common knowledge that I took a gap year following my undergrad degree, and used that year to gain legal experience in a prestigious law firm (good to see how the other side lived). Boy! Was I proud of myself. Then I got into all 3 of my selected law schools, and enrolled sometime in Autumn. My followers, friends and families were SO proud! I was proud of how far I'd come, but BOY was I in for a shock.
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Having taken a backseat from education for months on end, and comfortably settled into the monotonous regime of a 9-5, my brain had turned to mush! I felt like a retard among a sea of vibrant and intelligent legal machines. Statutes spat out across rooms, and legislative provisions were excreted out like acceptable chunder, and it all swam above me, making me feel like a fish out of water. I'd gone through Primary, High School, College and eventually Uni feeling like I had my head firmly set on my head. Law School (Masters students/ gap year returnees will concur) made me feel like a mindless bimbo.
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What I'm here to tell you is to...PERSEVERE! My mother always said 'nothing comes easy, and if it does then it wont last'. Preach it Momma (irony is, she's a vicar lol).
It all gets better in the end (although I'm nowhere near the end, so perhaps I should abstain from grand prophecies). That's not to say you'll have a eureka moment and everything will magically just click and make sense. On the contrary, I'm here to tell you that good things come to those who wait, and work while they wait. No point indulging in a sulky moment or two, and letting the work pile up. No! Pick yourself up, draft a schedule and be prepared to work your arse off to remould your brain from mush. 
The same applies for those who have found it hard settling, or finding a place to settle in the job market after their degree. Its understandably hard to switch your mindset from academic to professional. Its hard to craft stellar applications that don't sound like the automated voice of ET drafted it. Its understandably difficult to turn your swag on from presenting final year pieces to planning presentations for an interview panel, but just remember, they did so too. Switching gears is difficult (clearly the words of a learner driver lol) but it can be done with a bit of work, advice, and patience. I recently attended an event and was graced with the moving and remarkable words of Sandie Okoro, and these words (among others I will be sharing with you) resonated with me the most:
Whenever you feel inadequate for a role, or feel too stupid to raise your voice to answer the question you worked all night to understand...remember, we were all born the same, its up to you to grow up and make yourself different.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Sometimes the slow burn is the best way to achieve what you've worked for in return. Let it thaw. Xisses