Single Black Female Addicted to Retail

As the most dreaded day for a single girl looms, I draw upon the infamous lyrics of the brother of my lover Jigga; Yeezy. I'm not here to shed light on the hazardous warning signs those juxtaposed words flag up in the eyes of the opposite sex. I can save that for another V-Day. I guess I just wanna take a minute to rant a lil about dating and shopping *sniggers*.
 Coat : Gift from SouthKorea (LolliHearts) | T-Shirt : Primark | Shorts : Primark
Today, I'm going to shake up the stereotype and throw you off kilter because I'm here to announce that I'm not bitter, I refuse to crawl into a hole, and neither will I pipe down. There's a misconception that Valentine's day is either the day to parade your love with overtly sentimental gifts, or unveil your pining over the one you've lusted after for a minute. Erm...and then there's the me's of the world. LOL...before you roll your eyes, just hold them in place for a minute and let me finish. The 'me's of the world I refer to are simple single girls with no one on the choice.
Socks : H&M | Wedges : Select | Scarf : Thrifted (Croydon)
I was recently asked (and I can assure you, this happens at least twice a week...allow me to roll my eyes at the monotony of this sentiment) "why are you single?", which is always shortly followed by "what do you look for in a guy?" *yawn*. But I'm not here to reel off my want-list. In fact, I'm here to do the complete opposite. A wise girl pointed out my meticulousness when it comes to the things I want. You can all attest to the fact that I put in a whole lot (a bit TOO much in some's eyes) of research into my next hairstyle (BLEURGHair) before I venture to the salon/ barbers, and it wont stop there. I'll come home and tweak/ mend before I take that 1st instagram pic or whatever to prove I'm fully satusfied. The same is evident in my prowl for clothes, and the simile of dating with retail was outlined in 'The One'.
Hence my point in this post, and I hope to keep this short and sweet. No girl wants to actively go on the hunt (with the exception of thirsty broads), but if you know what you want then don't quit until you get it. That applies to all things, and can be interpreted in any which way you choose. All I know is I want to be a living testament to those words.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Banish the 'bitter single' stereotype and don't settle for anything less than your ideal type. Xisses