Gimme Reasons to be Jubilant

Being Nigerian, I was saddened by the news on Diamond Jubilee Monday, of a plane crash that took the life of more than a few innocent passengers. I wont go into the details of this accident, as i don't believe my role as blogger comprises of being a Sky News correspondent, but I do want to talk about the juxtaposition of joy and grief, and juggling both.
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Photos circulated of people surrounding the plane, not taking the time out to get help for those caught in the fire, rather pausing for a minute to capture the disaster on their smartphone cameras. Within minutes, the photos went viral, and idiots were already broadcasting PSA's. I just find it all quite inconsiderate. Yes, technology has done us good in a way that we find out important news instantaneously, and can access current affairs at our fingertips. Then again, there are the cons of caring more about keeping up with trending topics than actually caring about the topic itself.
A tweetheart I follow posted a disturbing account of someone who changed their display picture to an individual who lost their life in the plane crash in Nigeria. What I fail to understand, is the lack of empathy in our present society. No regard whatsoever, is given to the family who are grieving, or the emotions of those who were close to the departed. All the displayer cares for, is coming off as connected to an affected victim, and looking like they care about an issue they know nothing about. Grieving is not to be taken lightly, and posting pictures via social networking platforms wont spur on the process, or help the griever overcome their loss any easier. Unplugging yourself from the virtual mains may be the only real way of dealing with the reality of a situation.
I don't think its fair to feel guilty for choosing to carry on with life, after sparing a minute to send condolences. However, what seems eerily wrong is OTT'ing (Over The Top) your thoughts via twitter rants, or bleurghing your ill-founded emotions via a guilt-striken broadcast. No, I don't think posting a silhouette drawing of Nigeria with a candle in the middle will send a message to the President to take active steps in appointment, or sort out the nation's emergency services. Dude isn't even a contact on my blackberry, so how will he see it?? I just don't understand the reasoning behind this. In order to take action and stand up for a cause with a difference, one actually has to physically take a stand to correct those wrongs. Display pictures, ignorant tweets and emotionally charged status updates wont do much to make a change. You have to speak up to be heard, stand up to be seen, and live a life to be emulated.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Hey Queenie, gimme a reason to be jubilant! Xisses