Link Me In

I was reading this article a while back, and was stunned by the statistics that women are better social media users than men, bar LinkedIn. In other words, we are more than happy to use social media for personal rather than professional reasons. In my opinion, this issue is far more complex than it seems, and dates back to how we are conditioned.
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There's an Old Boys Club in every profession, some are far more defined than others. This network of highflying men with grandfather BFFs and mutual hobbies proudly puff their chests and beat their backs from the moment they're birthed from the undeserving internships a friend of a fathers helped them attain. These 'boys' then sail through the profession, networking in private bars, rugby clubs and ski trips to the French Alps. In other words, these networks are harder to break into than the black ice they skate on, without a third leg *wink wink*
On the set of a short film ('Create Her Space' ...Coming Soon) about women in politics
Thus, women have been conditioned to either be a b*tch to be a boss, or be satisfied in a role of placidity throughout their careers. The culture of camaraderie is so far removed from our nature that spending extra time with your girls after work usually involves cocktails and dirt on office romances, rather than cultivating steps to achieve promotions or secure annual bonuses. Nobody wants to be the Debbie Downer.
Living in the e-age means and changes nothing. Just because there is now an avenue to network online, does not change the set gender structures already in place. Men motivate and women won't budge. Positions of authority arise and women won't snatch up the chance to move up the career ladder for fear of stepping on another's toes. The vlog talks about banishing that fear and seizing LinkedIn as an opportunity to marry already embedded social networking skills, translating it to a professional platform. It's as easy as liking pictures on instagram or following people on twitter...just now, it matters. It matters because current and potential employers, colleagues and recruiters are judging you from this online impression you've created. This is an open, non-gender-specific platform where you are free to network, interact and poach anyone at anytime without fear of colleagues judging you or competition. Women should seize this opportunity to finally get their foot in the door, and take that second step further...
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Time to finally be linked into professional networks that once hung up 'Men Only' signs.