BLEURGHair: Frankie Flick Vs Meagan Mop

Typing this post on #TfL spurred on by yet another compliment of my new short do. So here goes! The look works with pretty much the same concept as 'The Toni Cut', and the 'Retro Rihanna Shave', except these styles are bulkier at the top i.e. more tracks we're added for effect. Not to mention, the sides/leave outs are purely natural. That's right, with a bit of moisture I'm working with a full-fledged mini Afro. No joke! I've switched up my hair care routine a bit since my last BLEURGHair, so I think it best I give you a full breakdown. This is gonna be LONG, so grab some popcorn!
The first BLEURGHair was inspired by Frankie Sandford from the UK girlband, The Saturdays. I've loved her style since forever! I love Instagram (follow me, @Onyxsta), and after stalking nearly every pic under the hashtag of Frankie's hair, I was set on this style. I've named this the 'Frankie Flick', as it involves the bangs flicking stylistically from the centre, and part of the side, to fully cover the ear.
My sister braided & wove me in, and my sides/leave-out was still short from the 'The Natural Crop'. My sister used an all-back cornrow/braid pattern, and wove the tracks in horizontally. The issue I had with this style was that she braided backwards and finished with a horizontal braid at the crown. When placing tracks on this pattern, it looked wiggish, and I struggled to blend my natural hair with the tracks. After straightening the hair, cutting and styling it, I was pleased with the result but found that the sweep was far shorter than the desired effect.
 Maintenance Routine:
1. Wash (with shampoo) and deep condition hair weekly (or use Dr Miracle treatment every other week).
2. Apply leave-in conditioner of choice.
3. Blowdry hair with comb-picked hairdryer (found in afro-carribean hair stores), but leave hair slightly moist, to air-dry.
4. Apply John Frieda frizzease serum before straightening with Babyliss Pro 2000 straighteners.
5. Once hair straight, apply Dr. Miracle edge holding gel, and then wrap hair with silk wrap and leave overnight. VOILA!
This style came to me thrillingly while watching 'Jumping the Broom' last Spring. I'd never been a Meagan Good fan as I found her style kindda skanky and so overtly sexy. She put those thoughts on the backburner with this mane! My lust for this style was then catapulted to a whole new scale when a guy friend of mine, who'd just started watching 'Californication' spotted Meagan Good and stated that she reminded him of me? Geeez! Was I flattered?
This hair was a last-minute project that started at 9pm, after dinner and night-prayers, and finished around midnight as I was catching up with TV and I can't braid hair to save my life. After noting the error of an all-back braid pattern, I decided to start the braids from the crown and work my way forward (harder than it sounds when braiding on yourself). I then sewed in the tracks diagonally, rather than horizontally, for the desired side-sweep effect. Finally, i wrapped a track around the top, all the way to the side, to really seal in the look. The tracks work under the 'invisible parting' concept, and don't need the leave-outs at the side to conceal the tracks. The only difference in the maintenance routine for the 'Meagan Mop', is that I twist the tracks around bendy rollers (pack of 8 for £1 from Poundland) before bed, and the side remains wrapped in a headscarf to retain the shape (top left).
Onyxsta says...BLEURGHair!! Which do you prefer? The Frankie Flick or the Meagan Mop? Xisses