Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Not since Jake Gyllenhal's character in Love & Other Drugs have I fallen for a character quite like I did Jacob from Crazy, Stupid, Love. Another BLEURGH 'Must-See' but I'm sure 50% of you are like...woman! Late much? Jacob, played by Ryan Gosling (as you guys will remember from my 'Blue Valentine' post), whom I'm infatuated with...completely embodies my perfect man. He is a slick, smooth-talking lothario that frequents the same bar, and never fails to exit with company. His formula, and a recurring theme through-out the movie, is the power of charm on a woman.
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I'm a self-professed Sucker for Love (if you guys are not familiar with that vintage Danity Kane track, I will be VERY upset) and I may be rusty on the topic, but I feel like love is one of those universal emotions that transcends time. The movie pits Cal (played by Steve Carell....and YES! I can't stand the guy but he toned down his slap-stick mannerisms in this movie so he wasn't so bad), and whose lack of sponteneity and outgrowth of romance in his marriage permits brief waywardness of his wife's heart, against Jacob and his nightly conquests. The summary to the naked eye is that women are moved by smaller things and it only takes a fickle compliment to land us in bed. But the underlying message, in my opinion is that love takes work, far more than a throwaway comment about a woman's appearance or ravenous sex. I know my male readers switched off there LOL.
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The movie depicts love in the eyes of three generations. The young teens who are smitten to insanity and driven by their childish whiles to extreme levels of displays of affection. Then there are the 20-somethings (awesomely depicted by my boo, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, whom I believe to be my on-screen counterpart) who fall unexpectedly in love, and are ill-equipped for the emotions attached, but find themselves taking each day as it comes and succeeding at it beyond their expectations. And then there's the married/divorced couple who fall in and out of love and prove that passion, spontaneity and self-discovery are all part of love, and enough room for each should be provided for a healthy, loving relationship.
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Love can turn your world upside down in more ways than one. Whether it be falling IN love, or falling out and having your heart broken. However, emotionless flings and racking up sexual conquests left, right & centre wont heal the chasm left in your heart, as conveyed in the movie. The embrace of one self, the acceptance that love itself has its flaws, and making a choice to mend those wounds is what enables true love to prevail. Its hard to see movies like this which unequivocally champion the existence of true love without choking you up in cheese, but this movie manages to deliver.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! "You have to fight for your soulmate" - Crazy, Stupid, Love. Xisses