Lolli Day!

This is actually a belated post...but yesterday was my **8Baller **Lolli's (from LolliHearts) 22nd Birthday. Twenty-two. I know! Its SUCH a meeeeeh age, but one that has to be passed to  all the same to move on to greater dates. She had no plans...and by no plans, I mean ZERO! When I called, she was literally moping around at home doing nada, ZILCH then I asked her to pick up her butt and meet me for lunch.
Waistcoat : Republic | Jumper : H&M | Leather Leggings : Bershka
I treated her to a local treat (as we live a walk away from one another), and we spent the afternoon reminiscing and planning ahead, and generally just indulging in the same ol' banter. Its great spending time with friends that you've known a while back, and just to take a step back and realise how much they've grown. I remember the first time I met Lolli, she was sitting in a corner at a family friend's gathering, and didn't utter a word for the entire evening. Such a striking contrast to how we spent the day! Could hardly stick a pipe down this chic's throat to silence her....she was on a ROLL! LOL
Impromptu Lunch at Harversters
LolliDay is a play on words on her actual Nigerian name, but also stands for a really chilled birthday, the kind I'd also love to indulge in, come my 22nd. It was filled with fun, friendship and three favourite f's. I asked her a question myself & my sister ask on our birthdays, "what do you hope to accomplish by your next birthday?" and she narrowed the list down to just one thing, of which she believed once she had sorted, all else would fall in place. I admire Lolli and her sense of direction , no matter how misguided she may believe her path to be.
Hat : Forever 21 | Necklace : Claire's Accesories | Watch : Guess | Wedges : eBay | Rings : Dorothy Perkins & Matalan
LolliDay is so blessed as its also my another **8Baller, **YaaYaa's Birthday as well as Lolli's younger brother from The Taste Level (twins separated by 2 years....freaky!) and I'm so glad to have been selfish enough to share the day with her. She's honestly one of those friends that wont communicate for a century but when we catch up, its like time never passed. Ok...better wrap this up before my balls hang any lower.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Indulge in a LolliDay equivalent for your friend's birthday & experience the joy that good friendship has to pay. Xisses