Sunday Shares - Finito

HOLA!! Freedom never tasted so sweet! Just took my last undergraduate exam on Friday so I've officially wrapped up my degree guys...just gotta wait for the graduation to make this ish official!

Soundtrack of the Minute - Buzzin' : Mann ft 50 Cent

  • Was SO stressed calculating my GPA and estimating what i could get on each module....sheesh! Finals were probably the most amount of pressure I've had to deal with in a WHILE! SO thankful I can put that miserable experience behind me on to future plans *eeek*
  • Was SO lazy during exam time to be styling my hair, etc... so I experimented so much with my turbans and headscarves....I've come up with SO many new ways to don different types of headcandy & as some of you guys always query me about how to tie it, I think another multi-tie tutorial is in order so....WATCH OUT!
  • After my final exam on Friday, I was feeling brave and shaved the side of my hair off. I'd been thinking of doing it for a while but...Anywho, the pic above is the new look! Will be uploading a video to give you guys a 360 view soon. I gotta say, I actually prefer my "Retro Rihanna Shave" BLEURGHair a LOT better than I did the "Toni Cut"...weird right? Got a LOT of compliments about it so I'm happy with the general result :)
  • Bid on eBay and bought a black and white plain Panache Basque so looks like thats an item crossed off my "Summer Wishes" List :) It was brand new as the store was closing down. Wore it yesterday to one of my **8Ballz **Hansonex's 21st shindig in London....and got some rave reviews so pics on how to style that coming up soon
  • Met my 1st real-life fan lastnight at the shindig and she was so lovely! I apologise for not asking your name to give you a shout-out on here, but hey hun! You can comment below and lemme know who you are if you want *flutters lashes*
  • Got asked to partake in SO many fashion-journalist ventures over the exam period that I had to pass up, but thinking of taking up a few new things so watch this space. Also got a LOT of reviews about the styling for the eBLEURGHBay Vleurgh, so thinking of doing styling videos on YouTube. If there's anything for this season you'd like to see me style (in between my rants and BLEURGHS about things that have peev'd me recently) like jumpsuits or denims shorts or whatever, leave a comment and I'll get right on that :)
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Exams & Undergrad...finito