The Scarlet Letter

I tweeted about my current dilemma that life is emulating fiction, and the two are oddly becoming one. I'm currently reading a diary-log short novel (mindless drivel to unwind on TfL  after gruelling a 9-5) aptly titled 'The Last Year of being Single' by Sarah Tucker & its strange that after each daily read, I encounter what I've just read. The matter under examination in this post has been brewing since my trip back from Nigeria, but now I feel it right to vent as I'm feeling inspired.
All cowardice in my eyes; cheap stunts. I was always aware of the error of this action from a young age. Brought up in a strong Christian home, 10 Commandment lessons were drummed in before I learned the alphabet (I joke! Don't call Child Support on Mother-dearest). Not forgetting having watched Demi Moore in 'The Scarlet Letter' before i'd even crossed the pond, so I was probably around 8 or 9 (yet again, don't sue the 'rents as I'm sure that wasn't rated PG...whoops!) by the time I'd fully grasped the concept that deviating from your marital union, was wrong. 
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If you're cheating or finding the need to look elsewhere for sexual, physical or emotional gratification, then something's wrong somewhere.
"He can do whatever he likes outside, but as soon as he walks through THAT door *points at respective matrimonial home entrance*, he knows who's the boss"
I've heard this line uttered one too many times, whether it be from young girls, or old married wives. Its pathetic! Who are you fooling? Why are women condoning such trifling behaviour? In Nigeria, I was exposed to married men who were openly pursuing girls fresh out of was DISGUSTING! Fair enough the Aristos (young gold-digging girls prowling for sugar-daddies to fund their extravagant lifestyles) were also to blame, but the elderly men should know better. I was traumatised when a married man at the after-wedding party fed, watered and proceeded to 'harvest' a sideline bird he'd picked up for the night. Looking through the dog's camera, I discovered he had a wife and two kids at home...I was distraught, and made no secret that I didn't approve of his shenanigans. But who was I but a British stoosh chic who wasn't gonna put out for the night? He moved on, and up to the hotel room with his conquest. VILE!
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I tweeted about a co-worker's friend who'd just discovered her husband was cheating, and was now seeking legal advice (or protection). Infidelity is something I cannot fathom, especially when lies are involved. But the contrast is equally devastating in my eyes. When women commit to an 'open relationship', knowing fully well that their boo is getting jiggy with some next broad in his down time. How is that okay? I am forced to question whether as a product of my environment, I've become too much influenced by the Western-Feminist ideals that strength doesn't essentially lie in numbers, to BLEURGH an unbiased view. Why is it not universally accepted to be intolerant to infidelity?
I know some women will read this post and laugh at how naive I am...i can assure you, it wont be the first time. What I want to ask, is why it should be thought 'naive' to NOT expect a man to wander off in quest for different soil to sew his seed? It irks me that this 'standard' is now translating to media, and we all know thats how certain acts become socially accepted as the norm. Think back to when Christina Aguilera had the 'Beautiful' video with the two men kissing, and what grief MTV caused by banning it, and think to now where no soap opera or TV drama is complete without a gay/lesbian scene.
Basketball Wives commenced, showcasing the bitter ex-spouses of NBA-adulterers & commitment-phobes, and now we see a season where the baddest b*tch in the game seems comfortable marrying a man with a cheekily liberal notion of 'commitment'. Its been cited as 'unnatural' for a man to be expected to settle down with just one woman for life. Historians can pinpoint kings and illiterate retards can point to village chiefs and traditions, which highlight the pride of a man in acquiring more spouses. Is it merely a modern phenomenon to entrap a man in a monogamous relationship? Expensive childcare and 'social standards', are they all but excuses to cage a man in the unnatural act of being in a sole partnership for life? I think not...i think its as simple and Man meets Woman, Man marries Woman, they live happily ever after. No complications, but a simple equation.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! 
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