Summer Wishes...

Currently sitting my final papers so that should explain why I've been so M.I.A. Thanks for all the support on the 1st Round of the BLEURGH Store. More things coming soon, so keep one eye open. Figured I'd get a post out there cos I really missed blogging. I'm SO stressed right now so kinda using this as a de-stresser before getting back to the hard-knock-life *sigh*

Here's a list of things I've been lusting after  but I am still yet to get.....

1. Gold Michael Kors Watch - I've been wanting this for a while now...but I think I wear more gold than silver and it makes perfect sense for summer (BIRTHDAY GIFT)

2. Sleeveless Denim Jacket - Am I the only one infatuated with Tinie Tempah's style? (Claim to Fame - I met his mum and BEGGED it to the max last summer as she was at my flatmate's bbq. Asked her if she wanted a drink in Igbo & willingly took part in Ekeitte runs to further my chances of becoming his future wife). This jacket is an ode to his style and his cats roaming the streets....I love this look with khaki or tan shorts and a white tank

3. Ray Ban Wayfarers - I want Ray Bans!!! The shape of the wayfarers are THE most flattering on the face & I feel like everyone needs a classic pair in their collection (BOUGHT!!)

4. Black & Leopard Loafers - I missed the chance to bag these bubbas in New Look, cos I was fasting from shopping over Lent, so now I'm on the prowl for a pair that come as close to those beauties as I can (BOUGHT!!)

5. Flat Top Hat - I REALLY love this accesory on short hair, and as that's what I'll be rocking this summer, it seems only right to add one of these boos to my headcandy collection. I've seen a few I like in TopShop, but on the look-out for a better bargain and unique piece

6. Ear Cuff - I have ALWAYS wanted another piercing for like...forever! But I'm a tad cautious cos I'm going into an academic profession and don't really want further things acting as barriers to job know? So I'm ALL FOR ear-cuffs!! I love the spinal ones that curl all around the ear...and it looks GREAT on short hair....(see the trend guys?)

7. Basque - I am all for accentuating the womanly figure and 'underwear as outerwear' is back again this season with lace, chiffon and silk materials all the rage in stores. This piece was actually inspired by one of my BLEURGHsessions, I Heart Vintage....I'm on the look out for plainer pieces that can be worn both day and night time (BOUGHT!)

8. Denim Cut-off Shorts - I lost a bit of weight on my thighs (thank GOD cos those thunder thighs were causing earthquakes) and my waist so i really wanna embrace this trend this summer. Been on the prowl but most are either too tight on the thighs and too loose on the waist or just plain wrong...(B.I.Y!!)

9. Nail Rings - I only JUST fell in love with this after watching my new Youtube BLEURGHsession (Nice Round Brown) go on about stars rockin' this, and since then, I've been hunting these goons like a mutherrrr

10. Ankara Wedges - I know everyone and their grandma went ON about the ALDO court-like wedges like a lightyear ago, but I really was NOT feeling them....until I see these tatas!! Like...come ON! Freakin' angelic beasts! J'adore!!