Intolerance For Freshies

Hola booskis!! Had SUCH a great Easter Weekend! No offence to the 'rents, but I have WAY more fun and can treasure the moment more when I only go back home for a couple of days. Before the nagging stretches beyond jokes and become a reality of errands and Ekeitte chores.
I left Manchie later than everyone else known on this planet! Ok, slight But it literally felt like lightyears since I heard voices in the flat, etc before I finally jumped in the car for a sister-roadtrip back to London.
In the meantime, idleness became a daily reality and by Wednesday I got bored and stripped my hair of its tracks. I told y'all I was gonna cut my hair...(next post, I'll show you what the cut looks like...or if you're an impatient barse like me, here's a rookie shot in the Superdrug next to me salon)...but while I had the 'fro, I decided to don a B.I.Y Turban with one of my old pashminas (remember when they were in fashion? And an outfit wasn't complete without throwing one on?....*sigh*), threw on my fave ankara top and did a mini-photoshoot using my Macbook's Photobooth. Like the results?
Intolerance for Freshies :
Relating back to the title of the post, here's a Vleurgh on Youtube on how irritated I am by Freshie Game. I feel like single girls get relatively excited (come on now, its not like we throw a party about it or anything) by Summer sun as it brings out the toned gym-bunnies & Winter-Fifa-playing-guys out of hybernation, donning their white tees, chinos and boat shoes....yum! But with the good come the bad...Watch it, and don't forget to rate, comment & sub (if you have a youtube account).
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Professing my intolerance for dire freshie game...Xisses