The Turban

I really have loved the turban from a few seasons ago when it first graced the catwalks, but I didn't wanna look like a dick rocking it with Jesus sandals, exotic tie-dye maxis and ethnic beads...that was all too Gok'd for me tbh. But the revival of the turban this season sees it more wearable and casual....something of what a beanie is for winter, a MUST-HAVE.
Jacket : ZARA | Skirt : H&M | Tights : (red tights as base) Primark and fashion tights (Primark)
Head Candy (B.I.Y. Turban) : H&M | Cardigan : Primark (MensWear) 
Belt : Primark | Batwing Tank : Blue Inc | Flats : H&M
Arm Candy
Nails : 2True Orange Base + Barry M 'Cracked Nail' Effect | Rings : H&M & Claires'
Watch : Guess | Rosary Wooden Bracelet : eBay
As you all know, I love my head candy! So I thought the 1st B.I.Y (Bleurgh It Yourself) I'd do on here would be for a makeshift turban. And as much as I love the YouTube community, I just didn't wanna follow the flock and do a HowTo here's how to make my favourite form...
Disclaimer : I apologise in advance for the weird faces and awkward eyes in some shots...also, I used Blanche to take the pics so the quality is relatively lower than you're used to.
Step 1 : Get an UBER long scarf
Step 2 : Fold the scarf in half
Step 3 : Place the centre of the scarf on your head
Step 4 : Wrap the 2 ends around each other at the back (DO NOT TIE)
Step 5 : Twist the remaining flap of scarf (repeat on other flap)
Step 6A : Wrap both twisted ends together
Step 6B : Wrap twisted ends twice for a 'turban' effect
Step 7 : Swing the remaining flaps to the back (tuck if scarf flaps are finito)
Step 8 (Optional) : Swing remaining flap to front and tuck (ONLY if scarf flap remaining)
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! If you want something done, just do it. Xisses