Royal Wedding - Prince Charming

**Disclaimer - ALL images were taken from the TV screen while watching the Royal Wedding live, and a few were jacked off my friend's BBM pictures.
I admit to getting totally caught up with the festivities of today....on Twitter, my rants were in full force (hence the typos, I do apologise) and I got a bit mental, bidding Kate (sorry, Catherine now) to throw the bouquet off the balcony so I could smash my screen and catch it. Yer, I have issues...
But it was SUCH a gorgeous affair! The kind of day every girl into her Disney fairytales and Cinderella dreams would wish for. *sigh*
 I guess the pressure's on for guys courting and grooms-to-be to come close to the elegance and decadence of this affairs cos it was a thing of dreams. As my friend correctly pointed out, they started dating when she was my age...and he courted (I love that old-fashioned term) her for 8 years before FORCING the ring on it (did y'all clock how small the ring was on her finger and how he JAMMED that baby on?). Patience is a virtue. Imagine if she got impatient as so many girls do, or decided she needed a 'break' from all his hype....she wouldn't be letting the world peak her wedding day, for sure!
The dress! I correctly guessed it would be McQueen (what a fab tribute)! I should actually have visited the bookies and placed a bet cos I'd be rolling in the dough right about now. Its the kind of ensemble my cousin was just describing for her wedding this December! I can't wait! Very Grace Kelly like....the detailing, the lace...not to mention the 2m train! *double sigh*
Even the Queen herself was in awe, as was Kate herself as she walked out to the warm and welcoming crowd at the balcony. Imagine the world tuning in to watch you kiss your man? Thats pressure but that'll make any girl feel 100x special...
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Every common girl deserves her Prince Charming. Xisses