Beaten Colourblocked Blue

So I've received numerous comments on my 'Sunday Shares' post concerning my woes on the blonde weave (now self-replaced - BIY baybay!) shedding like an alopecia patient not receiving treatment. Now I understand just how grave and insulting this may be to a sufferer of alopecia who innocently stumbles on my blog, but to turn that hurt into insults is just as bad. Sadly, I also suffer a mild case of alopecia (undiagnosed) and as a result, I'm actually taking my weave out in a few days and undergoing the big chop. Not going natural (as I have been for 2 years under my weaves) but actually giving my hair a break from braiding, weaving etc...indulging in some creamy crack and shaving off the sides affected by my mild condition. I'm not one to share such private facts so publicly...but I want to let those out there know that the comment was not an ignorant statement, but a JOKE!
Jacket : ZARA | Sheer Tank : H&M | Skinny Jeans : Uniqlo | Chinese Pumps : BAY
I'm a BIG fan of standup comedy, from the likes of classics like Eddie Murphy's Raw and Delirious to Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle (you guys HAVE to see 'Killing 'em Softly....JOKES!). I sit there, chuckle, giggle and near wet myself at the expense of others. A joke is not a joke without taking the piss out of someone or something's characteristics whether its a fat flaw or a ghetto chewing-gum-poppin''re still laughing at someone else's expense.
 Actually owned these cobalt blue jeans since Upper Sixth & now its back in fashion, I decided to dig it out. Back when I used to initially colour-block with **Lolli, everyone thought we were too eccentric with our coloured footless tights and oddly-paired shoes (i was taking a stand against the Headteacher's rule that all prefects wear black&wear formal wear only) look, everyone's doing it. Well, not the oddly paired shoes bit...LOL 

Neck Candy : Oasis | Arm Candy : Bonita's (celtic ring) & Guess (watch)

I don't believe in editing or treading lightly, I say what i say and do what I do, that's that. I honestly DO apologise to those offended by the comment, and I understand just how painful a blow hair loss can be to a woman and her confidence (especially at a young age, as one commentator shared), but please do not wish that on me or my kids etc...cos as funny as that is, karma's a bitch and I hate to see the bitchy witch wreck havoc on anyone's hairline.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Intend to offend and your words become hurdles...speak your mind, up to others to pick faults if they can find. Xisses