Sleepless Mancunians

Tchai! I was gone just a week from the blogging world and I already feel so out of touch! I don't even think I know how to type to y'all anymore *sigh*
Wish I was the kind of responsible law student (especially after all the proud comments and congratulations I got from my last post) that could blame the hiatus on the pressures of studies...sadly, I was out having a blast of a final week before exams.
Thought I'd share a few fun memories with you guys and be a welcome distraction from the troubles we will face ahead when the pressure of revision and coursework deadlines hit us...
My flatmate's cousin was down for the weekend so we had tourist duties and showed her how we live in Manchester! SO much fun!!! A picture of THE best football team EVER! Anyone wanna contest? *silence* thats what I thought lol
Twas uber painful tripping to Trafford Centre and not being able to indulge in meals or retail but such is life. The countdown to the end of Lent begins...OOOH WEE! *bank card does a widdle wiggle*
Got this psycho 'uncle' to take this picture. Needless to say, the sight of 4 young African ladies tryna steadily balance without tipping into the fountain behind was a sight for his sore eyes. My man was EXCITED!! Giving those drunk-like giggles and dry jokes they usually crack...he was a handy man behind the cam though, so no harm done lol
Weekend was CRAZY! We'd gone out clubbing on the Thursday and then hit a weak afterparty, didn't end up sleeping until 6am! Then we went to a flat shindig on the Friday and stayed there discussing men, love, money...etc until 10:30am!!! Yer...napped for 3hrs and hit Trafford for a spot of sightseeing, retail etc...we were BEAT at this point. But my friend **Hansonex was up from London for the weekend with her girlies so...
...had to show her a good time. Ended up getting home at like 10:30pm, napped for 30mins and started getting ready for the GNO (Girl's Night Out). Thats right, we were surviving on 3hrs sleep!! It gets worse! We go out...have a good time, don't leave until like 4am...get home and kip for 4hrs before getting up for church! We were DEAD on Sunday....sheesh!! 7hours sleep in total in 48hrs??? MADNESS!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Living my life like it's golden cos my youth can only shine but once. Xisses