Oh To Be A Muse Ft. BLEURGH

Hola Bleurgher Boos. Wanted to share my feature on 'Oh To Be A Muse' with you guys...

Be sure to check it out and comment. I'm always so appreciative of Bloggers' constructive comments on my style as I feel like its still in a process of development.

Never done a 'Share Sunday' before and I know me and my issues with commitment so I wont even venture there but just wanted to BLEURGH a bit I guess...
  • Went out 3 nights in a row and my body clock is fully shattered, and the sun beaming in at early hours of the morning really doesn't help. I can't sleep with light so my body's going through hell!
  • Not too proud to admit it but I watched the Skepta 'All Over The House' music video and was appalled that he ever thought to make that video. I mean, there have been songs like JHoliday's 'Bed' or Tyrese's 'Signs of Love Making' so he can't even say its cos its what the song's about...thats just vile porn. There are tasteful ways and he just missed the memo completely! Anyway, he was at the club lastnight and I grabbed his toosh (I was curious) and it was juicy...and I also took a pic with the hoe in the video! JOKES!!!
  • Decided to quit linking new BLEURGH posts on my social networking sites (mostly Facebook and BBM as I don't have issues with Twitter, and I have Blogger followers there) cos I get SO shy when asked about why I do it, etc & I'm always asked the same question "so why link it then?"....makes sense. I've kinda decided to keep my blogger persona separate from the real world. I guess this way I can BLEURGH in peace...
  • Got an article to write for my Law School's paper thats due in today and I am yet to write beyond a paragraph because of procrastination....BLEURGH!!
  • I am yet to decide what I wanna do for my year out next year before my BPTC and time is running out. I feel like I'm grasping at threads now and I have no sense of direction
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Hands of the clock move away from 12 only to end up right back. Perseverance is key, your time will come. Xisses