Shadows of Me

** Soundtrack of the Minute - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Album) : Kanye West **
So this week was beautiful...its amazing the miraculous things that can happen when you re-welcome God into your life :)

I got the opportunity to Marshall for two judges this week at one of Manchesters' Crown Courts and miraculously got referred to a Barrister for an informal mini-pupillage and the Judge's daughter for a scheme that I may be crazy not to take up in my gap-year next year....EEK!!

Its a shame that I had to wear dark colours in court cos it kinda put my whole plan to spice up my wardrobe on hold. I tried to add accesories to the mix, but when you wake up late with only 30mins to spare, there's only so much you can do fashion-wise *sobs*
I finally plucked up the courage to ask randomers to be my photographer and its actually a lot of fun as I instruct to take 4/5 shots and Hasan (my hijab'd tourist photographer) was lovely enough to really put some effort into it :)

LOVE this last pic, taken by the canal right by my apartment
Short-Sleeve Jacket : 18th Birthday gift from **IzzI | Cardigan : H&M | Dress : Debenhams
Bag : Warehouse | Lace Pumps : Primark | Neck Candy : Wallis | Arm Candy : Miss Selfridge
Rings : Topshop; Miss Selfrdige (3 'love' gold rings - On Sale for £2 not inc. Student Discount)
My 2nd photographer was a blonde barmaid in such a rush I didn't get her name & cos I was in a rush myself, that morning, I forgot my camera and had to make do with my iPhone....not bad though right?
Blazer : Miss Selfridge | Snood : Primark | Leotard : Primark | Bag : ZARA 
Trousers : ChiaraFashion | Pointy Lace Pumps : Primark
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! On the path to success, there remains a shadow reminding you of where you came from...don't forget that. Xisses