Flair for Hair...

*Soundtrack of the Minute - Loick Essien : Love Drunk*
Autumn is rolling on in, and as we bid adieu to a rather short-lived Summer season, I welcome with open arms what the A/W 2010 season has in store.
My latest obsession atm HAS to be...
Anyone who knows me will know just HOW much of a hair freak I am! I cry for my hair (literally)...
Here's evidence of me fiddling with my hair...you don't wanna see my vlogs LOL

Tank : Heart & Hips | Striped Top : H&M | Leggings : Primark
Sandals : ZARA
*When I was 5 my mum shaved ALL my hair off because I was told to take my braids out but 'cos my fave cartoon was on, I procrastinated...and after several warnings, my mother got out the clippers and the rest is history
*When I was 9 I firmly protested because my mum's braiding techniques lacked that trendy pizazz so my sister unwillingly took over and after endlessly barling 'cos the two frontal braids that I wanted to look like a fringe hardly covered my 5-Head...she developed a great had for criss-crosses and cornrowed swirls :)

So you can only imagine the pain I was in when I was diagnosed as being allergic to the purple weave (UNWANTED colour btw) my aunty had got me from Naij...yup! The works! Swollen eyes, inflamed scalp, pussy secretion from eyes...NOT a pretty sight, TRUST me! I had it re-done a mere 3days in (gotta love my hairdresser), but here's a preview of it in its hey day...

I DIGRESS (like I always do)...anyway, what I was trying to say is I do NOT and have NEVER agreed with the India Arie way of thinking- "I Am Not My Hair" because I believe that good hair makes a woman! I am OBSESSED with hair and creating different looks (but not in a ghetto "Hair Show" avante guarde sort of way LOL with butterflies and blue hair :s) and adding an accessory to accentuate a great hair do (or sometimes do justice to a bad hair day) is heaven sent in my mind.

Born into a society (Nigeria) where a woman's status is dictated by the size of her gele/ichafu (head-tie), I've always loved the beauty of a good hair accesory...also because I have a HUGE 5-head and they tend to flatter it.

What I wore for my GrandPa's Memorial...

I can't imagine these outfits without the extra pizazz added to them by the hair bands :)

Headband : H&M | Arm Candy : Guess & **a gift from my boo Kaycheey | Dress : Grays Rd Market
Cardigan : Urban Behaviour (American retailer) | Victorian studs : Dorothy Perkins

Headband : BAY Trading (£3.50 on a One Day Sale) | Jacket : ZARA
Top : Primark | Skirt : Primark | Peep-toe Pumps : Dorothy Perkins

Headband : BAY Trading | Cardigan : BAY Trading | See-through Tanktop : H&M
Skirt : H&M | Peep Toe Pumps : Dorothy Perkins

Headscarf : H&M | Top : Blue INC | Trousers : Croydon Market | Pumps : Charlotte Russe

Headband : Dorothy Perkins (50p on Sale) | Cardigan : BAY Trading
See-through Tanktop : H&M | High-waist Shorts : Primark | Pumps : Urban Outfitters

Scarf : **Gift from *8Baller Izzi from Rome | Denim Shirt : Topshop (originally-bought @ Grays Rd Market)
Shirt : Madhouse | Leggings : Topshop | Denim Peep-toe Pumps : Barratts (kids' dept.)

Headband : Miss Selfridge (On Sale £1 & BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!) | Dress : Grays Rd Market
Sandals : ZARA
If there is one fashionable lesson I learnt from my mother, is that when you feel uncomfortable walking out of the door, take off one item. These are some outfits that didn't quite make the 'hair flair' cut...(or some outfit posts I'd just been procrastinating *blush*)

Cardigan : Urban Behaviour | Tank : Primark | Belt : Primark
Skirt (dress tucked in) : Wet Seal | Pumps : Charlotte Russe

Cardigan : ZARA | Top : Attic | Trousers : Croydon Market
Arm candy : Clarks | Pumps : Charlotte Russe

Denim Shirt : Topshop (Grays Rd Market) | See-Through Tank : H&M
Neck Candy : Oasis | Leggings : Primark | Peep-Toe Pumps : Wallis

Shirt : H&M | Dress : Republic | Belt : Macys (detached from dress)
Leggings : TK Maxx | Pumps : Urban Outfitters

Sleeveless Cardigan : Republic | V-Neck Top : Primark | Leggings : Primark | Lace Pumps : Primark

Cardigan : H&M | Dress : Republic | Belt (reverse) : Primark | Peep-Toe Pumps : Dorothy Perkins

Cardigan : Primark (Mens' Wear) | Tanktop : H&M | Skirt : Primark
Peep-Toe Pumps : Dorothy Perkins | Neck Candy : Wallis

Top : Allders | Trousers : Croydon Market | Pumps : Dorothy Perkins

Tanktop : Heart & Hips | Denim Skirt : Primark | Peep-Toe Pumps : Dorothy Perkins

Top : H&M | Skirt : Primark | Neck Candy : Wallis | Pumps : Dorothy Perkins

Waistcoat : Republic | Top : H&M | Trousers : Croydon Market
Peep-Toe Pumps : Dorothy Perkins

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Up-do, Bouffant, Slick Side bun...what ever you do, add some spice to your hair this season Xisses