Where's Wolly

*Soundtrack of the Minute - Drake Thank Me Later (leaked album...don't judge me)**I
was recently informed that my outfits come off as 'attention seeking'. Now, to me, that holds strong negative connotations. It triggers an image of a girl standing on top of a chair in a board meeting full of civilised individuals, begging to be noticed. I don't think I'm like that at all...infact, I don't really LIKE getting attention, I just like dressing up. YES! I wear bright coloured tights and head candy the size of a Lady at a Horse racing shindig, but if I think that's what it takes to round up my outfit, then so be it. The person MAY be reading this with a quizzical expression, completely baffled because I've taken the comment out of context...but its cos I've heard it all before and just thought to clarify. I don't want to be the centre of attention, neither do I want to pose like an animated character in a multicoloured striped jumper that jumps off the page a la Wolly!

In the words of Drake, "I'm doing me"

Anyway, this season I've rekindled my passion for accessories and statement pieces. As you will notice from the first few pics, I fell in love with fancy footwear! From bright coloured leggings to ripped, more edgier ones. I dunno what it is about legs that's deemed 'sexy' (as is evident from SATC2), but my policy has always been show ONE! Whether its legs or chest, show one. Well...anyway, I digress...

Red Leather Jacket - Real Leather Store (Croydon) | Neck Candy - Assorted Stores (Claires, Accesorize)
Top - Blue Inc | Skirt (actually a dress) - New Look | Cardigan - H&M

Jumper - Pineapple | Tank top - Heart & Hips (USA Boutique)
Lycra Leggings - Primark | Footwear - Converses (my chucks *giggles*)

Cardigan - Morgan (i remember my brother buying this with his 1st paycheque from his p/t job *sobs*)
Tank - Heart & Hips (American Boutique) | Skirt - Primark | Pumps - Welsh Boutique

Headscarf - (borrowed from YaYa) | Shirt - (borrowed from Daddy)
Dress - H&M | Pumps - Primark

Shirt - River Island (Mens' Wear) | Tank dress - TK Maxx
Leggings - Topshop | Footwear - Converses (dunno why I've rekindled my love for them lol)

Cardigan - H&M | Tank - H&M | Skirt - Primark | Pumps - Urban Outfitters
Waistcoat - George | Cardigan - Morgan | Top - Blue Inc
Leggings - TK Maxx | Sandals - Vintage | Beret - Primark

Waterfall Cardigan - H&M | Jumper - Primark | Shorts - OTB (American Boutique)
Blazer - Dorothy Perkins | Pumps - Welsh Boutique

Top (dress) - Littlewoods (one of my many finds)
Leggings - Primark (had a hole in them so ripped some more) | Pumps - Welsh Boutique

Cardigan - H&M (Wooly shrug...gift on my 17th bday from **Hansonex my 8 Baller)
Dress - H&M | Leggings - H&M | Pumps - Primark | Tanktop - H&M

Cardigan - Republic | Tank top - H&M | Skirt - Primark
Socks - Primark | Pumps - Urban Outfitters

Scarf - Vintage | Top - Primark | Leggings - H&M (formerly **Ree's)
Sandals - Croydon Boutique | Neck Candy - Swarovski

Scarf - Karen Millen | Top - H&M | Belt - H&M | Leggings - TK Maxx
(was trying on my friend's sunnies and it inspired me to get a new pair. I now currently own 9 to my name even though I had more which have been stolen *sobs*)

Scarf - Borrowed from my sister
Cardigan - H&M | Dress - Republic | Leggings - New Look| Sandals - Croydon Boutique

Waterfall Cardigan - Uniqlo | Top - Primark | Leggings - Topshop | Jelly Sandals - Vintage store

Cardigan - Peacocks | Neck Candy - Borrowed from YaYa | Tanktop - H&M | Belt - Primark
Jersey Peglegs - Bershka | Sandals - Vintage Store

Top - Primark | Neck Candy - Claires (childish pendant detached)
Leggings - New Look | Pumps - Welsh Store

Head Candy - H&M | Waistcoat - Republic | Cardigan - H&M
Tanktop - Primark | Leggings - Primark | Sandals - Croydon Boutique

Dress - Uniqlo (I remember I purchased this dress in Upper 6th as a dare cos twas on Sale for 99p and my friends thought there was NO WAY in hell I could pull this off! Well...2 years down the line & I still rock this mutha like it just popped!! lol)
Boots - Gift from my Wammie, **Lex for my 17th birthday | Head Candy - H&M | Belt - Primark

Yeye says... BLEURGH! Stand out if you must but don't dress up to GET attention & always remember to present yourself how you want to be perceived. Xisses