** Soundtrack of the Minute - Chris Brown & Tyga 'Fan of a Fan' Mixtape + Jazzy 'Beauty & the Beat' Mixtape **

Me & YaYa went to see Sex and the City 2 (premiere night) last night!
The cinema experience was far beyond what we expected! I wouldn't say better than the New Moon Premiere, but far more interesting. Girls were kitted out in their Sunday Best...heels, dresses that skirted right up their thighs and had to be readjusted with every awkward waddle, and makeup to the finest tee. Twas like an club in a cinema!!
Well...we DID pronounce it a
Nationwide Girlies' Day Out but I hadn't quite expected THAT!

The movie itself was worth raving about! A far better follow-up to the much loved series than the 1st installment, in my opinion! But perhaps I'm biased because they sidelined the other characters and made it
ALL ABOUT CARRIE in Part One, and the sequel restores Samantha to her full horny glory! She is HILARIOUS!!

I wont give any spoiler alerts cos if I read this and hadn't watched the movie, I'd be PISSED! But just know that the movie alerts you to far more than the fickle eye will pick up. Its not just about fashion, BFFs and Cosmos. It highlights issues such as finding a balance in life, learning to love and live satisfactorily and striving for the better but not letting greed or your past, cloud your future, and finally... your bestfriends are always your backbone!!

Of recent, I've opened my eyes to the fact that not all friendships are the same. Some are like a Michelin tyre, built to last! And others are just making cameos in the grand script we refer to as 'life'. Some are worth mourning, and others just deserve a flick through the obituary. To put friendships in perspective is
VERY important because not everybody's views deserve to make an impact on your choices! Its not fake to keep it civil, it only becomes fake when you spend hours on end backbiting only to come and give that person the kiss of death, minutes in.

I was recently asked why I seem so happy, and i had to say its because of the great friends I have. I count myself lucky because not everyone has good friends everywhere they go but I'm happy to say that i have great flatmates, friends at Uni and back home....and I'm very thankful for that! I find that i waste TOO much energy on the negatives and the bad friends that I don't accord enough to the good. So like SATC2...I will learn to keep things in balance and show my
GOOD friends far more love than I give the bad attention.

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Surround yourself with the good and keep your life in balance so the bad doesn't outweigh it. Positive people breed positive energy which inevitably breeds a positive spirit. Xisses