The true price of beauty

(I cut my hair so its shoulder-length...even though not so clear with the Blanche's camera)
Jacket = Zara

Cardigan = Zara
Tank Top = H&M
Leggings = Zara
Arm Candy = Accesorize
Shoes = Welsh Boutique

I went to an ACS debate yesterday and the topic was based on society's idea on true beauty. In my opinion, the debate was not handled well and the leaders focused more on physical aesthetic beauty than would have been appreciated.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...
And NO, that's not just what they tell ugly people! In the words of a good friend, unless one is truly content inwardly, one will ALWAYS seek to fix this or that...
Prime example?...

Heidi Montag! I mean, this chic was BAD ASS in Season 1 of The Hills until she went under the knife, and since then, there has been no turning back. Can u believe this chica wants MORE done? WOW!
Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. *shrugs*

Last weekend I totally needed a break, I felt like I was on the verge of a I took a spontaneous trip to visit my sister in Prestatyn, Wales. That place is my solace, I swear, and my sister is my angel! We went on numerous shopping expeditions...
The first was to an outlet mall, like a catalogue clearout. This store had (as well as the photos below) Steve Madden heels going for £30+...I mean, KILL ME NOW!
As well as the outlet mall, we went to Cheshire Oaks, which is a little place I have renamed 'Heaven on Earth'! That place is to DIE for! Its got like Designer brands and high street all in one circular maze, but the catch...unlike Westfields or West End? Cheshire Oaks has EVERYTHING MASS REDUCED!! There were Calvin Klien bags and Ralph Lauren merchandise going for high street prices?!? I mean...KILL ME NOW!! (Shame I was broke though.. :( My sis treated me however)
Here are a few of my proud purchases, I'm guessing you guys will be seeing the rest in outfit posts to come :)
Orangey Winter Coat...HEY! Its STILL cold in Manchester...
And twas only £10! And there was a 25% weekend sale as well! AHH so twas for £7.50!
This red blazer is actually for petite so it comes up short on me but it made me love it all the more. Also, it only has one button which is rare...and for £5 (further 25% sale knocking it to £3-maths isn't too great) it was a MUST HAVE!

ACCESSORIES! Apart from the perma-bracelets I eat, sleep and die with...I don't really wear accessories anymore :(
Such a shame as I have a VAST collection of bangles, chunky necklaces, etc from a few seasons ago where it was 'all the rage'. But when I saw these beauties? I HAD to have! :)
This season, as mentioned in A Spring in my Step, I'm totally influenced by the romantic era. So be ready to see TONS of chiffon, lace, nude, neutral and pastel colours as well as FLORALS! I'm abandoning my fringe next week & I'm SO ready to abandon the masculine, punk-rock look it baggaged with it and embrace the femininity of spring :)

I went to see Soloman Kane while in Prestatyn. I wasn't that keen to begin with as all actors were unknown but soon I was moved by the plot and mesmerised by the smoke and mirror action scenes. I must recommend this movie as its message is strong and subliminally religious. And in a growingly atheist society, movies such as this deserve some credit...
I also saw Tropic Thunder...JOKES!
And Vicki Christina Barcelona...rather disappointed by the ending but still a must-see! I must contrast it to 500 Days of Summer which is on my fave lists now :) THAT is a must-see!

YeYe says...embrace who you are, the way you are. Xisses