Little Miss Sunshine

** Soundtrack of the Minute: Chipmunk - Superstar **
So this post was meant to have gone out a while back as a celebration of freedom from the captivities of exams, stress and just general work-modedness lol
But as I have been hella busy with things I am SO excited to fill you in on, I thought, I might as well get this bubba out in the sun for a lil tan....

DAYTIME (Day of Freedom)
Straw Fedora - Vero Moda | See-Through Vest - H&M | Necklace - Claires (detached pendant)
Shorts -
H&M | Sandals - Croydon Boutique | Arm Candy - H&M/ Accesorize

There's nothing better than having ample amount of time on your hands with nothing to do but waste it! This day was aimless and I loved every second of it!! Days like this make me ponder the possibility of becoming a housewife in the future...but one too many lectures from Mummy about the dangers of giving men the power to control your finances and your day-to-day living, soon banished such wishes from my mind.
I mean, don't get me wrong! I wont knock any woman in that position, its not all luxury shopping, liasing with other jobless whores at social shindigs and more luxury shopping, this time ONLINE! No, there are some women out there that dont have a choice but to BE a housewife due to background circumstances or lack of education, etc, and kudos to them for doing what they do to support their family, and doing it well.
I digress....
Anyway, so this 1st official day of freedom was spent at 1st in town shopping with my lovely whore, **Toy, licking ice lollies and indulging in endless summer trends on the highstreet. And then we decided to lay back and chill with some of the coolest man-whores in my life (atm...don't get it twisted, your roles are dispensible...*chuckles*), doing what they do best, CHILL UP!

Unfortunately, YaYa was unable to indulge in some of this fun as she was not (at this point) done with her exams... :( *wails uncontrollably*

NIGHTIME (Night of Freedom)
Off-Shoulder Top - Allders | Neck Candy - Claire's
Skirt - H&M | Heels - Debenhams

We then decided, last minute, to head out on a night out before I made my way to London for what I will fill you in on in my next *BLEURGH*...EEK! Twas a relatively good night. Guess it just made me realise, after a few double Sourz shots that I have (due to the toils of student life, the drama that ensues in the life of a young female and the relative random excuse to just 'let my hair down') become a heavy-weight! I didn't even get tipsy, and I had vodka shots before we headed out!! SUCKY SUCKY!

I feel all nostalgic looking back at those pics cos I've changed my hair...yes...AGAIN! And no, there will be no video of me prancing around (for your comedic value) cos I have safely (and after ENDLESS teasing) come to the conclusion that somethings should just be left for my eyes only lol.'s what the new banger looks like...

I think Summer deserves long hair! But as I am currently refraining from my usual 18" and sticking to shorter lengths, I decided to go for an inch longer than my last crop and add a bit of colour to reflect my personality and SUNSHINE!! So I went BANG on trend and added a platinum blonde streak (as well as brown) to my fringe. I know...even my hairdresser was a tad frightened and acted like I just handed her a ferret! But at the end, even she (and the other customers, hairdressers, nails people...just saying!) had to acknowledge that it looked good lol.
Took a bit of getting used to, and a few tweaks (Onyxsta DIY Style) with the razor and a few added tracks before I was fully comfortable with it...but I'm happy enough now to share it with you. Thoughts?...

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Banish the tarnished leather gloves & throw your fists up because Lil' Miss Sunshine is FREE AT LAST!! Xisses