Fever Pitch

**Soundtrack of the Minute - Kelly Rowland : Rose Coloured Glasses**
WOW! I dunno where you've been if you cannot testify as to the surprises of the World Cup, which is proudly being hosted on African turf! Too proud for words!! A few of my friends have the great luck (and I guess wealth doesn't hurt too) to go to South Africa and catch the Forca fever 1st hand...Tres Jellie!
But don't think I've been a couch potato, sitting down day-in, day-out, watching game after game..far from it! I've been a BUSY bee these last few weeks and cheers to a GREAT summer ahead...

I had given up ALL hope of getting a mini-pupillage after a thousand+1 rejection letters & emails, that when I received an email from 'One Crown Office Row', I immediately dismissed it before another mind told me to go back & check and to my surprise I'd landed it!!
Due to confidentiality issues, I can't fully disect the things I did but here's a sneak peak..

The mini-pupillage went on for a week and I was thankfully shadowing a great junior barrister who had a lot on his plate so I got to experience the 'Baha Mousa Public Inquiry' | shadowed a different Senior Barrister at the Royal Courts of Justice for one of THE most interesting and complicated family law cases (SERIOUSLY!). Lower down the scale, I travelled to North London for a road traffic accident case, which although not as glamourous as the rest of my days, was insiteful as I got to truly see the diversity of a Junior's life. And lastly and most giddy-making...exciting...and well...
I contributed to a blog entry!!
Check it out!!


-->(From far left)
Blazer - Primark | Shirt - BAY | Skirt - Primark
Blazer - H&M | Shirt - ZARA | Belt - Primark | Peglegs - ASOS | Pumps - Urban Outfitters
Shirt - Marks&Spencers | Sleeveless Cardigan - Matalan | High-Waisted Trousers - Love Label (Littlewoods)
Messenger Bag - *Borrowed-Mother's* | Cardigan - H&M | Top - Primark | Skirt - Topshop | Pumps - Primark
Cardigan - H&M | Shirt - Macy's | Skirt - Primark

On my way back to Manchy on my last day...hectic and tired! So what better to ease the stress than indulging in some bonding sessions with Blanche + Photobooth time? lol

After that HELL of a weekend...I tell you now, moving is NO joke, I bid adieu to my Manchester flat with its fun girly memories, arguments, cat-fights & battles with guys over the food in my snack draw...*sobs* I returned to London, prepped up for what Summer had in store.
1st up...get a JOB! I'd lined up a few interviews over the week, and after an annoying interviewer, a job that paid little or nothing and a jewellery store that turned me down, I find myself sadly back in the job market....TOUGH TIMES!

Shirt - *Borrowed - Mother's* | Shirt (inside) - Marks & Spencers | Belt - Primark | Skirt - Vero Moda | Arm Candy - Clarks

Cardigan - H&M | Military Blazer - Republic | Scarf - H&M | Skirt - H&M | Pumps - Red Herring (Debenhams)

Jacket - Topshop | See through Tank - H&M | Belt - ??? | Jeggings - Miss Selfridge | Sandals - Croydon Boutique

Cardigan - ZARA (Originally Menz'..borrowed but never returned lol) | Tanktop - Heart & Hips | Belt - Primark | Skirt (dress tucked in) - Macy's | Sandals - ZARA

Attended my cousin's **Charmz 21st Birthday in the Marriott Hotel in Park Lane. Disregarding the minor glitches like Africans abiding by African Timing and arriving 3hours later than stated on the invitation, the shindig was beyond lush! She had an outfit change, bar on tap, emotional speeches...twas all just FAB! The 3-course dinner was delicious with a summer berry fruit cheesecake to truly cement their mark on my heart... With champagne flowing, delicious food and beautiful company (literally EVERYONE was decked to the 9's), who can complain?

Dress - Pussycat (Allders) | Neck Candy - *borrowed - Mother's* | Heels - Red Herring (Debenhams) **I've had this dress for a few summers now but because of its BRIGHT GREEN straps which I tucked in, I'd never really warmed to it until now
EEK! This outfit was featured in 'I Know What You Wore This Summer'...a FAB blog on a lower scale to CLookBook/ hictopia, compiling outfit posts of Bloggers...xisses

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Get in the swing on things and take summer in your stride. Xisses


  1. i love the work outfits.
    I totally feel you on the World cup frenzie too. I passed on your article to my friend to read im really proud of you + i like the fact you got some credit too you know how people are sometimes at work.

  2. Thankyou hunny! I'm REALLY proud of me too lol xx

  3. très très jolie, et j'aime beaucoup tes tenues...qui te vont très bien.
    Merci pour ton commentaire...

  4. aww onyekar. thnks im glad u had fun. nice blog mayne!

  5. i love your hair and the higlights you have in it :)

  6. aww thankyou hunnies!! *blush*

    Check out this fab new blog that my outfit was in guys :)