Divide & Conquer

**Soundtrack of the minute: B.o.B ft Bruno Mars & Big Boi - Beautiful Girls**

Its been ab-fab these last few days, catching up with old friends from London and just indulging in full femininity and nostalgia...BLISS!
Its weird how I'm in Uni in Manchester and I hardly get to speak to my Wammies (BFF's) when I'm there but once I'm back, its like we fall into old patterns. We hardly get to meet up as a foursome, but its lovely all the same to meet all of them individually.
I love our friendship! We've always compared ourselves to the ladies in SATC (yes, I'm the Samantha...so? lol) and to pay our respects to the ladies that set the bar SO high for us in regards to fashion, glamour, drama and literature...here's a preview of the sequel...EEK!!

UK Premiere is 28th May 2010...thats a date for your diaries. Cancel ALL plans, clear out your schedule, and pencil it in!! Nationwide Girly Day out :)

Cardigan : Urban Outfitters
T-Shirt : H&M
Skirt : Vero Moda
Tights : H&M
Pumps : Primark
Had a fun day...1st having iced coffee curtesy of Costa, with my Wammie **Babee Bee and then jet-setting (just kiddin, took the London Underground lol) to see my BFF & faux-cousin, **Charmz at her bf's. They were SO cute!! Cuddling and canoodling every chance they got. And the dude has like a studio in his flat, with like padded walls and everything high tech...fab! Shame I didn't get to lay down some bars, he would have been blown away & signed me ASAP! *sniggers* WATCH THIS SPACE...LMAOOOOOO

Blazer : Mummy's (borrowed ofcourse)
Neck Candy : Vintage (Aunty's from the 70's)
Top : Next
Belt : Macys
Arm Candy : Warehouse
Leggings (Tie'n'Dye) : TK Maxx
Pumps : Primark
Went shopping with my hunny and Wammie, **Babee Bee today in Wimbledon and later met up with my other Wammie, **Crys over some Auntie Annie's pretzels for some much needed chinwag sessions. Wimbledon was not a great shopping centre and I'll rate it about 6/10 for range but I still left with a few buys:

Grey & Black Heels : Red Herring (Debenhams - £15 each)
Denim shirt : GAP (£7.99)
Waterfall Cardigan : Uniqlo (£9.99)
And just for good measure I thought I'd let you in on a secret...shh! I'm going SHORT! My next hair style's gonna be a short crop (yes, thats an 8" weave you can see in the picture)...wish me luck. This is my 1st time and hopefully, if all goes well, it wont be my last....YIKES!!

YeYe says...BLEURGH! No matter how far enemies push you, friendship always brings you back together...in one piece. Xisses