Girl Talk...

Hola Hunnies...
Jacket : Miss Selfridge
Arm Candy : H&M

Cardigan : Primark
Top : Stolen from **Toy-Toy (my friend's closet)

Leggings : Primark
Boots : USC

My sis came down to Manchie this weekend to show some familial support and just continue to be my backbone...I die for her, I swear :)
But yer, we decided to have a mini catch-up sesh over a pub lunch and we went to the fab spot 'Sweet Box' for desserts...YUM!

I love food too much! SO happy that even though I've given up my mini-treats for Lent (yup...never cracked! Going strong), I can still enjoy the good life like this for dessert...YUM! I had the Fudge Sundae in the middle and cos my sis gave up choc for Lent, she opted for a Peach Melba Sundae and her bf went for a milkshake...yes, in a dessert joint...milkshake lol...don't ask!

But anyways, I've been SO wrapped up with my own ish that I'd completely overlooked everyone else's ish I guess. Its sad cos I literally love all the whores in my life and I'd just lost track of that i guess.
I love the female connection...I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd have vouched a year ago that I prefer male company cos its easier and there's less bitching, etc...but thats the fun of it! I went to an all girls' Sixth-form so that bitching ish is pretty much engraved in my vocab...
A good old chinwag is what i used to consider my daily dose of exercise...but now? I kinda trail through days not really knowing where hours fly by to...its nuts!
I took a lil pause tonight to rekindle a few lost connections with my girlies and twas quite surreal how much I've missed since my self-inflicted hiatus!!
Statistics show that women outlive men and have a lower suicidal rate...why? Some say, its living proof that God is female...Not funny but its a joke some chic cracked in my seminar today, at which point a tumbleweed rolled past. Anyways, I digress...its actually because we have that social support...that girl chat, that good old catch-up and emotional outburst that is seemingly natural but seem unnatural to the average guy(unless he's metrosexual and embraces the whole 'Bromance' movement or just straight gay...). Guys just cage it all in like a tight-knit ball bag in Spandex hotpants. Nuts...but its the truth!
And after several years of proclaiming "my balls" would never drop and I'm a self-professed tomboy...its about time I pulled up the reigns and just embraced femininity...its beautiful. Why not cry from time to time?...its liberating and there should be no shame attached to that act!

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Pick up that phone, Skype, bbm, text, Facebook....tweet even. rekindle old friendships and embrace the skin your're in. Don't let go of old friendships, they remain the foundation for new ones...Xisses