Introducing....YeYe QC

Hey hunnies!! As's a bombardment of the outfit posts I've missed.

I feel this look is very demure yet fits into the USC brand, 'cos I always try & dress the part.
Necklace = Vintage from the 60's (Aunty Carol's)
Tank Top = H&M
Cardigan = American Store ???
Skirt = H&M
Coat = Tom Wolfe
Shoes = Welsh store
Bag = H&M
This day was uninspired & provoked me to venture into Arndale Shopping Centre and finally purchase a grey blazer. I was told I had matured as a 20year old as i didn't make a birthday wishlist this as you know. I HAD to break that 'maturity' curse & make a list...on it, a grey blazer.
Blazer = Dorothy Perkins
Boobtube dress = H&M
Top = Zara (Customised)
Bandage Skirt = Topshop
Ribbed tights = Primark
Pumps = Welsh store
WOOO! My grey blazer!! Also on my wishlist, to complete my obsession with Kim Kardashian and my Autumn/ Winter runway addiction....i purchased some KNEE HIGH BOOTS!! They are sexy as hell and only cost 44POUNDS!! Talk about a bargain?!?
Blazer = Dorothy Perkins
Dogtooth Cardigan = H&M
Dress = Republic
Belt = H&M
Snood = H&M (purchased this winter must have a while ago)
Boots = USC
I hate feeling in a funk...and when I feel trapped in life, I like making drastic moves. In this case, I cut my hair (well, weave but shh!) I always do it....and I think I did a pretty good DIY job. Whaddya think?
Blazer = Dorothy Perkins
TShirt = Primark (Men's Dept.)
Jeans = Primark
Pumps = Dorothy Perkins
My room's been SUCH a tip recently!! I feel so discombobulated but I'm REALLY tryna patch my life together so I need time. Anyways, so here I am tidying and I find this Whitney (Port from The City...she literally wore this band like CENTURIES ago! And myself and my flatmates mocked it calling it "hideous" and now we are truly in love and all own one) hat/ band thingy....
Wooly Band = H&M
Top = Attic
Blazer = Dorothy Perkins
Leggings = H&M
Boots = USC
The first few days of new hair, you feel indecisive of what looks suit you so bear with me on this day....very simple & bordering on ghetto if you ask me lol.
3/4 Top = Marks & Spencers
Hoody dress = Primark (from like Year 10....I've remained the same size for FIVE YEARS!!!)
Leggings = Primark
Uggs = NOT Uggs looool
Bag = Warehouse
I feel like I always dress to my so with this short crop, I find myself dressing more conservative and less 'wild' per se.
I got my monthly allowance and lets just say, Arndale called my name yet again....i went nuts purchasing the perfect dress is SUCh a hassle...but another day, another blogpost. Ended up buying this sleeveless cardigan...the detail is to die for with a sequin trimming and see through mesh....
Cardigan = Republic
Turtle Neck = Primark
Leggings = Topshop
Boots = USC
Rolling with that 'short hair makes me sophisticated' P....I opted for a more cazh (TRANSLATION : Casual) look, and oddly enough, got quite a few compliments!!
Blazer = Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan = Primark
TShirt = H&M
Skirt = Dorothy perkins (hand me down from my THAT's the true definition of vintage! Not something you go to a stinky store to purchase at the same price or even higher than in a regular retailer..."urgh!'')
Scarf = Gift from brother from Dubai
Bag = Warehouse
Tights = MK One
Opaque Tights = Marks & Spencers
Boots = USC
Well that's been a week or so worth. But at this very minute, I am at home in London, lying on my oh so comfortable bed, soaking up the memories of today. It was AMAZING! I went for an Open Day at Brick Court Chambers and guys, i think I'm set!! I'm excited because now there is NO doubt in my mind that I want to go against my odds and break the glass ceiling set above me for both being a woman and a member of an ethnic minority group and become a member of THE BAR!!
I'm sooooo excited!! This is what I've ALWAYS wanted and now I feel like my time has come to take my rightful place in this world. SO much ish has happened as of recent that has turned me up & down, but today made me settle. I am adamant I heard a voice say "E Bia go nu" (Translation: You have come!)

Well, what to wear on a day that could make or break my future? I turned to the runway ofcourse!
My inspiration? CHLOE! Remember my much sought after pegleg blogpost? Well, if you remember, I purchased them out of impatience, on ASOS and this felt like the right day to rock' em!!
So...Introducing....the next black, female QC and World Renowned Corporate Bitch....
Shirt = TM Lewin (my sister's...yes I borrowed it! Sorry x)
Pegleg Trousers = ASOS
Tights = Marks & Spencers
Pumps = Welsh Store
The Pupillage Fair was enlightening and I made some new friends. As Barristers are self-employed, networking is a skill I have to learn to love from now. Went home with a ton of Chambers brochures and a world of knowledge. I really did not know there were that many Chambers out there? Its literally like the Corporate Law firm fairs, but more in my line of interest. Its so sad that due to sponsorship and financial funding, Universities put their interests over their students', and choose to force-feed us that its Commercial Law or poverty. Its a lie get out there & get enlightened.
YeYe says....BLEURGH! Pull on your socks, lace up your trainers and prepare for the race of your life, cos you only get one shot to heats, just finals! Xisses