Spoken word

I recently had an in depth convo with **Jewelz on the credibility of Floetry as musicians. I just never got into their music 'cos to me, they were a rip off of Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott...but HEY! To each their own...

But one thing she kept going on about was the power of "spoken word" and I wasn't amused as I don't rate it as music to just 'say in tone' a couple of words. I never purchased an R Kelly album after Chocolate Factory for that same reason. I mean, YES! Twas an excellent business venture to market the 'Trapped In The Closet' chronicles as a ghetto theatrical performance, but to put that on an album is a JOKE!

And joke...joke...joke it is. So much so that the QUEEN herself, Rihanna (as no one thinks she can sing...even though i LOVE her to death, I must agree slightly after seeing her performances one to many ear-bleeding times) made a mini mockery of her type of music in this SNL skit. I almost pissed myself laughing....hope we share the same sense of humour?!?

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Speaking is for poets, SING if you are a 'SINGer'!!