We are breakable...

Having just finished one of THE greatest epsiodes of Gossip Girl, I was moved to write a post on human frailty and our innate vulnerability. I grew up always wanting to be one of the guys, playing Playstation or Sega mega Drive and even going as far as taking off my top after a good game of basketball with my brothers. But as i grew up and went through the woes of puberty, I was met with emotion and rejection that pushed me to near depression. "A bit much" some may quiver, but I'm only human and there are a THOUSAND other people that go through the same thing. But after a shitty string of useless and disloyal, I made the greatest friends for life, my Wammies and these heffaz taught me what true friendship's about.

Through them, i was able to make better judgements in the future of what kinda people are good for my system and who aren't. These "social networks" were defined by an ignorance of emotion and a denial of any real relationship or feelings I may have for them. But this Summer, one close friendship was threatened and as much as we fight it, we can't help but put our pride aside and go back, for pride comes before a fall.

I may just be bleurghing ish here... but GG made me see how far I have come emotionally. How, although I still fear letting my guard down 'cos I always end up hurt, there are people here in this world who love and support each of us, if only we give them an open heart to come in.

Seeing as I missed Music Monday...here's Ingrid Michaelson's Breakable. I actually first heard this on the soundtrack to one of my fave shows "The Hills" and I've been obsessed ever since. Enjoy!

(I will be posting more updates and outfit posts soon, just been hella busy.)

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! We are so fragile, we are breakable, but never fear that for there are always people willing to help pick up the pieces with you. Xisses