New Styles....

Coincidence? I think NOT!!
I'm sure you have all seen the permanent (as before it was a wig for a photoshoot) transformation from Brunette to Blonde...I am kinda unsure whether I like it or not. Whaddya think?

Kim Kardashian (My Chic-Crush)

The gloomy view from outside my window :(

I looked out of my window today & I was SHOCKED at the sight...Summer's gone on a holiday of it's own! So i searched my wardrobe (like I do daily) for what to wear, but was hit by the fact that I now own only ONE pair of trousers (excluding numerous leggings and office trousers). CRADIZLLE! So I did what anyone in my position would do....succumb to my favourite guilty pleasure and shop online for new trousers. A new style infact, as due to my summer-weightgain, I may have to give bootleg a miss for now. *blushes*

So...PEGLEG!! It hit just about EVERY highstreet store in fullforce last winter but I never bought into it....but with the bidding adieu to swishy skirts and floral dresses? I have NO CHOICE:(

(From left: Vanessa Simmons, Ciara, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Ciara and Rihanna)

As I have to wait a while for my deliveries...I got impatient and delved into my new treasure brother's closet!! (What? He has everything from Ralph Lauren checkered shirts to graphic-print IronMan TShirts...its like HEAVEN!!)

Me in Oh-Bee's trousers! LMFAO!

On the topic of the departure of Summer Sun, Sea, Sand (and well, all else "S" with Sunny connotations lol), my friend **Dessie was upset yesterday as she missed her fave TV Shows like GossipGirl (GG)/ The Hills/ 90210, due to the hiatus. And after my post earlier about Tyra on the set of GG, I was TRES excited to see my friend **ReRe's blog (Lipstick Boudoir) post a link on the Season 3 Trailer...That is, until I watched it. SOOO didn't live up to the hype :(
So I'm exploring uncharted territory guys, trying out new shows and revisiting my lost loves! So here are my picks...FOR NOW

(Drop Dead Diva/Daddy's Girls (Season 2 is out!)/Run's House (Season 6 is out!)/10Things I Hate About You/Meet The Browns/Kourtney&Khloe Take Miami)

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em

**PS...Due to uncontrollable extrenuous circumstances, ALL names mentioned on BLEURGH are coded (well the nicknames we call them) so as to ensure anonymity....x