Wind down well-well!


T Shirt = Brother's (Iron Man)
3/4 Top = Next
Bag = Oasis
Leggings = Primark
Flipflops = Sister's (Accesorize)

SO...HOARDER ALERT!! I did a late Summer cleanout of my wardrobe 'cos I'm moving back to Uni-ville VERY soon :( .....Shock, Horror! Look at the MESS i FOUND accumlating...HORRENDOUS! I was so ashamed I contemplated even showing you guys, I mean, this is excluding the shoes & bags I left in storage in Manchester!!!
1. 22 flat pumps
2. 19 Summer sandals & flipflops
3. 37 handbags (*NOT mentioned....8 trainers, 6 boots & 8 heels)
4. My EBAY buys!! I'm a new convert and OFCOURSE on the 1st day I went crazy and I've been meaning to spruce up a few garms (TRANSLATION:Garments) in my COMING SOON!
So you would think after discovering that I suffer the disgusting disease of Hoarderism, I would sit my arse at home and SAVE some money?? Nope! I went on a shopping spree with my girlies **Lolli & ** a lime green Parka (Brighten up those gloomy winter evenings with COLOUR) for £10!! Shame on me...i KNOW!

Cardigan = Macy's
Wife beaters = ?? (American boutique)
Jeans = Uniqlo
Sunglasses = H&M
WOW!! Last day of work!!! wooooooo! And BOY was my father not lenient with the set tasks! I've never been SO bombarded!! All the leftover paperwork & whatnot...tiring stuff, but quite frankly...BORING!!! Yes I'm done & VERY thankful for employing me in a bloody RECESSION! God is good mehn! lol

Denim Waistcoat = George (YES! Asda...aint no shame in my game)
Top (worn as dress) = H&M
Necklaces = French boutique / M&S (Marks & Spencers)
Leggings = Topshop
Sandals = EA (Ethel Austin)
Today was a LOT of hardwork! My parents are REALLY taking that "make haste while the sun shines" proverb a tad too far! BLEURGH!! I'm only home for one more week & I'm out and I guess they are using this opportunity to treat me like one rahted (TRANSLATION: ?? heck! Even I don't know...ask a Jamaican lol) Ekhaite (TRANSLATION : House girl/Maid)!! So it was buy this, but that, check this...blah blah
So right now I'm just winding down with my FAVOURITE man in the world...JAYZ ofcourse!! Here's his 9/11 Madison Square Gardens performance....

YeYe says...BLEURGH! ...thats it really....i need a HOLIDAY!!! Xisses