Bleurgh pays its respects to DIVAS!!

AHHH!! Calling ALL Bleurghers!! VH1 Divas returns! OMFG! I remember setting my Sky box reminder and me and my siblings gathering round the TV to churn out all the up-tempo/soulful tracks our old divas (eg Mariah and Whitney) had to offer and then BAM...twas taken off the air.
Well hunnies, looks like its returned and at WHAT better time than this? The line up is sexiful and truly relects the modern day Diva. Here's a list to name a few:
  • Adele (this chic's voice is REMARKABLE! My favourite has to be Hometown Glory. That's **Beefy's bedtime lullaby lol)
  • Jennifer Hudson (Dunno how they managed to pull this off. This will probably be her 1st performance post baby...hmm OMFG!! If any of you missed her husband's wrestlingdebut-bearing in mind this dude graduated from Law School!!)
  • Leona Lewis (listened to her new song "Happy" today & didn't really feel the hype...sorry! Perez Hilton claimed twas SO emosh he cried on 1st listen...HORMONES lol. I mean, twas GOOD, don't get me wrong but not hype-worthy)
And finally...paying homage to our generations definition of a TRUE diva. The one&only...Queen Bee...BLEURGH!!

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