Memoirs of a sleepless Bleurgher...


Cardigan = Zara
Wifebeaters = Heart & Hips (American Boutique)
Camisole = Primark (Kid's section...what? Kid's have THE best selection for colours!)
Skirt = Primark
Heels = New Look

WOW! Thanks to UStream (The newest phenomenon past the overrated twitterbug), Facebook status' were abuzz last night with disapproving reactions of Kanye West's outburst during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech...bless the poor lassie. I mean, yer...he had a point but EVERY bloody VMA he has an issue with MTV's decisions...for example
2006 = He interrupted a European group's acceptanc speech because h believed HIS "Touch the Sky was the best video that year
2007 = Lets not forget mid him & Fiddy (50 Cent) album showdown, where Britney was chosen as the opening act MID-recovery for the shambolic "Gimme More"...he beefed MTV, to which their response was to boycott his videos for a while...
...and here he is again...acting a DAMN fool. Beyonce looks SO embarassed, bless her!

But for some STRANGE reason (probably because of my customery afternoon naps) I was unable to force myself to sleep last night & to my surprise, a friend sent me a link to this blog, Memoirs of a London Sket-Rochelle Whitely. I was HOOKED from the get go...1st thing I did in th morning (before even brushing my teeth?) was read more! You guys HAVE to check it out!!


Checkered shirt = Brother's (Faded Glory)
Cardigan = Primark
Dress = Zara
Leggings = Topshop
Sandals = Nameless London Boutique

Today was MEANT to be Day1 of Uni shopping but guess what guys? I was stood up!! Twas SO embarassing!! I walked and tried to occupy my idle mind but I just couldnt :(
So ended the shopping alone, only to be bbm'd a while later with my shop-bud only JUST waking up...I was angry & disappointed beyond words...moving ON!!!
SO guys...I think we Bleurghers are through with the Kanye buzz, he's LOVING the attention...BLEURGH!
On to what is on ALL our minds and hanging off each of our tongues...SEASON 3 of Gossip Girl tonight!!! Stay tuned for my review and predictions, etc for this season...woo woo

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Enjoy GG...xoxo