Perspex Perspective

"The difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is your attitude. Your faith has to be greater than your fear." @Women_Of_Christ.
We all go through challenges in life that just won't budge. You try this arena and that avenue to no avail, and just when you decide to throw in the towel, God bucks up and throws you a bone. This "bone" allows you to envision greater depths than the four walls of your kennel & gives you the energy shot of a lifetime to propel yourself higher than Cruft's highest hurdle. 
Photographer: Amaksy* (online alias)
Top : Thrifted | Skirt : Karen Millen | Sandals : Market (Nigeria) | Bag : ZARA

It's interesting to note that your position essentially hasn't changed, but your mindset has dramatically. Altering one's mindset allows you to view challenges positively, and refuels you to conquer it with the mentality that you CAN succeed.  Just that small change can be the weight on the scale that tips things in your favour. I believe that everything we do, and everyone we meet, are a result of a divine purpose. There are no accidents, but just lessons on how exactly to overcome each hurdle. Notably, one doesn't experience the same level of difficulty if faced with the same test, and can better advise others experiencing the same too. 
Bower House Estate, Essex
Admittedly, it's easier said than done. Life has a way of hitting us with bad news, blow after blow. It's difficult to not feel defeated when you're down to your last energy bar, and feel as though your hope/dream is a figment of a whimsical imagination. You can't help but laugh at yourself for ever believing such were possible. And THAT's when the bone is thrown. As a Christian, I'm slowly learning that the earlier feeling is a result of a spiritual war waged against me, challenging my faith. The ray of hope is God advocating on my behalf & interceding to save me. The trick is not solely depending on a miracle to the point you become lazy, and not overstepping to the point you act autonomously. 
However, what I'm also slowly learning is the journey of life by faith is active-passive. A Sunday school rhyme I learned in Nigeria says "Do your very best, and to God you'll leave the rest". Faith and triumph over the alternative's will takes a level of action on your part, but knowing when to leave the rest to God is when "positivity" needs to be activated, otherwise we just get frustrated that our efforts are in vain. Remember this- gratitude in attitude breeds blessings in its multitude.
"Positive anything is better than negative nothing" Elbert Hubbard