From The Start

Keeping with the goal of reading atleast one book a month, I was kindly sent 'From the Start' to read and review for you guys. 'From The Start' is written by Melissa Tagg, and is a split-tale of two characters (Kate Walker, the jaded romantic-screenwriter who is fed-up with writing and not living out true love and Colton Greene the retired NFL player who is trying to figure out what his next 11 yards will be post-career). Their lives take several turns winding them through Kate's old home town, and landing them closer together. The chemistry is electric, and you can't help rooting for the success of the characters the whole way through. "Their journey would change them...and just might change the reader" Chapter 20. Kate is more cautious with her heart, actions and speech than the big, bulky Colton with his grand gestures and bold statements. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I was in lust from the moment his broad shoulders made their fist appearance *swoon*. I REALLY enjoyed reading this novel and was sucked in from the first chapter, and was so sad to turn the last page so I hope you enjoy this review.
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RISK-TAKING: Life is about acknowledging what you want and going for it. "Be the girl who takes the risk and goes after what she wants" Chapter 19. I am slowly learning, like Kate, that "If you're going to dream...commit to it. Don't just talk about it" Chapter 4. If its in line with God's purpose for your life, going after it whole-heartedly by perseverance and faith can only work to your favour. If it doesn't work out, you learned some worthwhile lessons along the way that translate to other areas of life. I'm slowly learning to be a lot more bold in my speech and actions, and although its a slow learning curve from turning rash decisions into calculated bold ones, I am learning"to let myself want something enough to fight for it" Chapter 20
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"Sometimes getting something presentable on the outside makes braving the inside easier" Chapter 5
LOVE-LOCKDOWN: "What was a girl supposed to do after her heart dried up?" Chapter 1. After emotional turmoil, we tend to shut our hearts down as a defence mechanism to future heartache. However, this only serves to work against us because we fail to try to truly love. And to love in the greater sense of the word; "putting someone else first" Chapter 10. The alternative will sadly lead to you losing out on awesome relationships because of a stubborn refusal to open up, and be vulnerable. Its unrealistic to live "a life completely free from'd mean your heart was hard. Steeled. Unmovable" Chapter 18. Successful relationships are built on mutual trust and open communication, which both characters learned the hard way (as most of us tend to). Learning to do that is a slow process, but if both parties are equally invested, its an enjoyable and character-building one nonetheless. 
"Do [you] realise fine is generally code for horrible?" Chapter 4
"There's something God's been teaching me - this idea of letting go"
"The value in stepping back and waiting"
"Discerning when its right to hold on and when its right to loosen up."
"Don't want to waste time holding tight to a season...thats hit its expiration date" Chapter 9
PURPOSE: "Knowing you were created by a God who loves you. Finding your purpose in that and that alone" Chapter 18. Its a message gaining traction of late due to empowering religious visionaries such as DeVon Franklin. I spoke about it in more depth last week, but it is cutting yourself some slack and handing over authorship of your destiny to the Man in charge."It [is] hard to hear God's voice over the demands of her own heart" Chapter 3. Learning to see that the Lord works and deprives only for our good? PROFOUND! "This was what vision looked like. The kind born and nurtured through determination, effort...success" Chapter 3. Destiny and purpose may sound like spiritual hoo-ha, but look back on what you've overcome & try to rebut the recurring thought that it all worked for a greater good. Nope...impossible! Stepping back and doing what makes you happy, as well as enriches the lives of others is the best way to step closer to your destiny. And remember, "don't assume saying yes to one dream automatically means saying no to another" Chapter 14. 
"Peace that came with living own story, knowing every turn of the page and tug of the heart was a new beginning" Chapter 20 - From the Start