Fool to Full

We are all familiar with the saying "fake it until you make it". That's an all-rounder that applies to sex appeal, intelligence...and happiness. There's been a surge in open admittance to depression of late; from the likes of everyday bloggers to Chimamanda Adichie. Unconsciously, we are creating a culture that openly accepts it's ok to feel sad & in one's feelings. However, the flip side is we're, in essence, nurturing a younger generation to indulge in negativity and dwell on their failures, rather than accept it and aspire to success.
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I have come to discover, through my faith, that wholeness is not in the world. Seeking happiness in earthly pleasures and vanity is futile. This, in my humble opinion, is where we have erred. We are running blindly into self-constructed brick walls of goal schedules and time-limited life plans, all in a bid to gain that thing to complete us. Don't think you are exempt because you place more value in philanthropy or family life than career goals. I see you puffing your chest proudly parading your bae's recent promotion to singletons. It's one and the same.
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It is only right to acknowledge my foolishness on April Fools' Day, because I truly have been a fool. A fool to think I can complete myself with attainment of a degree or a dream career, or the perfect networking circle. That's not to diminish the achievement of each, but to recognise that each is only a checklist. Let's be real. After each, we find ourselves thinking "what next?", and that's because we've over-valued each goal as the end goal. 
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The end goal is no goal at all. The end goal should be realising we are not the author & finishers of our own destinies. And without force-feeding my faith to you, it's the realisation that seeking one-ness with God is the only goal one should endeavour to attain but on a daily basis. I have fallen victim to the alternate lifestyle in the past, and have even blogged about it countless times, but learning to set aside deadline goals to God is a new found challenge and one I think will lighten and enlighten others of the load of depression. Not only are you displacing responsibility for failure, but you are also freeing up the weight of planning, mapping and check-listing SMART steps. That's not to say we waddle through life aimlessly, but rather, learn that we are only vessels for a greater purpose than our small minds can conjure up in dreams. 
"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool" William Shakespeare