I couldn't help chiming As Told By Ginger's theme tune by Macy Gray while writing this; "Someone once told me the grass was much greener on the other side. Well, I paid a visit, though its possible I missed it, it felt different, yet exactly the same." Is that the truth or what?
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We live in the age of comparison; its subconscious. Scrolling through your timeline/feed, you can't help but covet thy neighbour's X or pine after your peer's Y. You want it so bad. Yearn for it for so long. Want turns to need. And soon, you can't envision what live would be without it, so you begin its hot pursuit. Well, I'm here to discuss what occurs once it's been attained; the anti-climax. The "now what?" moment I've spoken about in the past. 
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I've abandoned some and basked in others, yet the feeling remains exactly the same. Much like the Macy Gray lyrics, I found that yes, I've felt accomplished for a nanosecond and somewhat smug about that particular achievement...all before reality set in. You see, no matter what, there's always a con to every pro. That's the beauty of life; it is perfectly imperfect. Nobody or their life is perfect. Third world relatives look to first world underclass relishing their constant electricity and Liberty, yet the same can be said vice versa of the exotic climate and liberal lifestyles. 
Maturity dawns at the realisation that green grass is relative. Shades can be misinterpreted, and texture can be acclimatised to. What am I driving at? Success is what you make it. The mind is a powerful tool; what you visualise comes to pass in your actions. So learn to live in the moment and relish every second as a blessing. Training my mind to alter my outlook rather than bask in my circumstance is what I believe keeps me accomplishing achievements beyond my heart's desires because I'm focused on pleasing a higher power (God), rather than pitting myself against X or Y (earthly desires/ vanity). I feel like this is the umpteenth time of me drumming in this message, but it still hasn't hit home for me yet, and I'm guessing someone else reading this feels the same. 
"Every great thing starts with an idea, followed by doubt, and finally a resolve to abandon or pursue" Dane Cook

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