Into The Woods

Went to watch Disney's 'Into The Woods' a few weeks back, and was struck by just how much the plot resonated with me. I think Disney have struck gold with their new take on unhappily ever after and the Princess Charmings that are encroaching on old misogynist classics. The movie is themed around the wish of certain characters, and their plight to fulfil it by journeying 'Into the Woods'.
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Expectation - "Our deepest fear is coming & going and nobody knowing" Word for Today (2/2/15). Thankfully, I surround myself with driven, hardworking individuals. It's great motivation, but the downside of that is the pressure we put on ourselves to achieve our heart's desires. Wishes and expectations are ok, but when they actually impede your ability to appreciate or enjoy the daily pleasures of life? That's a problem. Much like the characters in 'Into the Woods', I and my friends fell victim to pining after one wish, blinding ourselves to the value of the journey there. This results in you missing out on key lessons and beating yourself up when you trip up at minor obstacles. What I've learned is to lap it all up; the good and the bad. It all serves a purpose, leading you to that goal/dream/wish. Don't miss out on the tidbits that could make great chapters in your life story. "Sometimes the things you most wish are not to be touched" Wicked  Witch - Into The Woods.
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Post-Expectation - I recently tweeted lyrics from the chorus of Pussy Cat Dolls' song, When I Grow Up; "Be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it". 'Into The Woods' chronicles the tales of Disney characters post-Happily Ever After. I'm not sure if Disney is wholly to blame for a generation of dreamers pining after sole goals, but there's something to be said about the utter shock that struck the audience upon finding out Prince not-so-Charming's flaw, or the sluggard of a father the Baker became. "The prettier the flower, the farther from the path" Little Red Riding Hood - Into the Woods. In a bid not to spill any further tea, I must say, it was refreshing to watch a Disney flick where the resolution wasn't so ironed out, and there was realism to the lives of the characters after their wishes were fulfilled. I have lived this first-hand. You dream, you get, then what? You live! Life is a series of chapters and hurdles that must be overcome to get to the next stage; childhood to adulthood to parenthood, to Lord knows what else.
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"He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how" Word for Today (4/2/15). As true as this is, we must learn to equally prepare and live for the 'how' as we do the 'why'. Purpose can be so blinding that we commit all else to chance, which serves no purpose but to stunt our progress, and diminish our achievements. "The harder to get, the better to have" Rapunzel's Prince Charming - Into the Woods. I've spoken time and time again about the value of the journey, but 'Into the Woods' reopened my eyes to the understanding that the value is limitless, and doesn't diminish post-wish. "Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor" Cinderella - Into the Woods. Yes, you've set a goal and achieved it, but what has that taught you and what will you use it to do? Gratify yourself? Shelf it? Return to your former self? Or serve others with it? 
"To get what you want, better see that you keep what you have" Baker's Wife - Into the Woods