Step Out Of 2014

2014 has been a journey of a year, and it hasn't been the biggest teacher of a year in comparison to 2013 or previous years, but it doled out a few lessons in its time. I've always been a driven individual; setting goals and deadlines and achieving it within the set time frame (give or take a few minor extensions). However, 2014 refused to heed to my regular routine. In fact, it heeded to no routine. It exalted me, yet broke me down. It praised me, yet tore me apart. And in this time, I learned not to seek help from my surroundings, or seek solace within, but turn to a higher power that is far more knowledgable about how to overcome adversities than a million minds put together.
Turkish Hat : Uchisar Market | Jumpsuit : ZARA
What stunned me was the silence that followed. As a proactive individual, silence was alien to me. 2014 taught me that busying oneself in silence can have positive and negative results. We live in such a self-fuelled economy. We are taught that the root of our success is within, and the drive behind it, is in our control. So from a young age, we are coached to set goals and take active steps towards achieving it. 
2014 taught me that life steps are uneven, and some steps may take longer to climb. Learning to work smart rather than just tirelessly work, is the best lesson ever. I wore myself out thinking and rethinking how to order my steps. What routes to take? What detours to avoid? What I failed to see is that some steps in life have already been ordered, but may have obstacles to overcome before firmly placing one's foot on solid ground. 
I cannot pretend to be over the hurdle, or even optimistic about what 2015 has in store. However, one thing is for sure; I was born to conquer, as were we all. Life has its challenges, and with it comes failures and victories. Neither the former or the latter are better than the other, but lead to life changing lessons all the same. In moments of stagnation, when we see nothing further and feel no fuller, we must learn to view life as an endless staircase. That pause? The wait? Its merely enroute to higher ground, and its ok to take a break to recoup and regain strength to climb higher, because no step is too high to climb. 
Cheers to an even better new year, full of triumph and home truths. BLEURGH!!