Watercooler-Worthy 'Wagging

I know my British readers will be throwing shade at my adoption of American lingo, because we refer to watercoolers as water dispensers here, but the alliterative intonation was just beaut. That aside, there's nothing quite like office banter. Now, the nature of the profession I've chosen doesn't grant much room for that, however, the foundation of camaraderie is undeniably evident at the Bar, but I digress.
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I read recently that Mark Zuckerberg intends to read a book a fortnight. Rather ambitious in contrast to my resolution to read a book a month, but comparison is the thief of joy right? He (and I) are on to something though, and its worthy of note. As I basked in the word wars of opinionated colleagues on my first day as they debated the plot twists of Disney's Frozen, I could not help but steal a smile. I've always endeavoured to remain conversant on key social issues, and that is aided by BLEURGH as it motivates me to keep abreast with current affairs and enrich my cultural capital. However, sporadic glances through tabloids and infrequent news-watching meant that I was so ill informed, I blagged most conversations.
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2015 is the year where I am getting my groove back. That means reading a book a month, engulfing my world in remaining abreast of current affairs by actually absorbing the content churned out periodically by the publications I subscribe to, not to mention still keeping on top of my non-legal interests and hobbies. I feel like we are taught from a very young age to chase after what we want wholeheartedly that we forget to live in the moment and understand that success is as much about the process as it is about the result; as the former makes the latter far more entertaining in dinner party tales by the fireplace. What I mean by this is, I was so blindly chasing after my dream that I was losing the elements of who I was, and as a result, I was less likely to achieve that dream.
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Getting one's groove back means delving head-first back into society; collectively moaning about TfL standards for instance. Not only will you not be considered the office mute, but you become a well-rounded individual as a result. This is something that has been identified as lacking among females, and although we consider gossiping our favourite past time (which hasn't been assisted by the surge of modern technology at our fingertips which makes cyberstalking, screen-capturing and shade-throwing all the more accessible), there is a clear void of substantial conversations taking place among young women of my generation. Its a wonder as we are far more vocal than our predecessors, yet we choose to remain silent when our voice matters most. I challenge you all to embrace a more literal life this year. Whether it be reading more publications or watching the news as you get ready in the morning. Whatever it may be, increasing one's social awareness is key to progression. Stuttering your way through a question on your stance on terrorism might be an interview nightmare, but it should also be somewhat considered as socially unacceptable. If an issue affects a quota in society, its worthy of your opinion. Most especially in election year. My hope is that the more enlightened we become, the greater we will choose to participate in key decisions being made on our behalf. 
Young people...women...ethnic minorities...marginalised groups in general? WE HAVE A VOICE! Its time to use it. BLEURGH