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*Sips Twinnings Lemon & Ginger Tea* Yasssss Hunny! Grand epic juices flowed down my Instagram feed this weekend! I'm sure you all heard, but in case you didn't? Let me fill you in on the details that seeped into the public domain. Karrueche Tran broke up with Chris Brown, and he embitteredly leaked intimate details of their relationship (from threesomes to contractual obligations stated from the outset) and the circumstances surrounding their breakup (she allegedly cheated with Drake). *smothers tea bag with manuka honey and pours steaming hot water into mug* See, Chris Brown rightly thinks we were all entitled to this information because we are wait, we are friends...hmm scratch that, we are...we're NOTHING to them!
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I've been thinking about the growth and popularity of gossip of late, and this incident stood to magnify the problem with modern culture; we are too engrossed in the life of others! I for one, scrolled, scowled and was scorned by the tea spilt by Mr Sweet Boy Brown. I just don't understand why there was any real need to tarnish her image publicly. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" William Congreave penned, but I guess  in the age of metrosexuality and mitches, the lines are blurred. My guy was BURNT and felt no way about letting the world see just how wounded he truly was, and point fingers at the root cause while he was at it.
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My brother shared a similar exposé with me recently; one of his boys had stumbled across vindictive messages on his girlfriend's phone, informing him of just how exactly she had been cheating on him. My guy then screen captured the texts and put her on blast on his Facebook. Literally a whole album showcasing how his ex had broken his heart. I love a good bit of gossip, God forgive me, but I feel like a line has to be drawn when it comes to the intimate details of one's relationship. I was reading Absolutely Lucy's post on the 10 signs your relationship needs to go offline, and found myself nodding in concurrence on all points made.
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We live in this super snazzy tech world where we feel like our own PR. We can photoshop our lives and crop out the nonsense we'd rather hide from the world. However, in this age of 5 seconds of fame, it seems we've become far too engrossed with sharing than we are living. If Brown had only taken a minute to truly reflect upon his emotions, he'd have exercised some self-restraint before embarrassing Karrueche and himself (and the third parties involved *wink wink*) publicly. I'm not alien or immune to this. I, myself, have previously shared one too many details of my relationship on social networking sites (from Facebook profile pics and relationship statuses to BBM status updates), and was forced to deal with public intrusion when sh*t hit the fan. What happened to intimate details remaining behind closed doors? Perhaps there are some benefits that come of sharing the inner workings of turbulent relationships online; there's been greater awareness of identifying the common traits of domestic abuse and means of its prevention. But for the broken hearted, side-chicked, sore ego'd people out there? Reel it in.
Relationships "should be a private pleasure, not a public boast" Jason Mason Brown