"A leopard can never change its spots"
Thats the proverb lazy individuals use to remain stagnant. For the purposes of this post such individuals will be referred to as 'Leopard'. Whether its a dead-end job or an incomprehensible personality trait, no condition is permanent. This post was inspired after an emotional rendezvous with an old 'friend'. I found that this particular individual was still the same, and as a result, I retracted to the person I no longer was in their company. People like this can be detrimental to personal growth. They do nothing for your journey to self-actualisation (or your self-esteem for that matter). In fact, not only do they hold you back, but pull you back. People like this are toxic.
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I learned a long time ago to shed a bad friend like a snake shed skin. Thats not to say friendships are fickle, and if (like a snake's skin) an individual is no longer beneficial to you, you shed them. On the contrary, I think friendships/partnerships/relationships should stand the test of time! Situations such as Uni, flatshares or jobs, force us to fastforward timelines unnaturally. So we find ourselves confiding in each other far more quickly than one should if trust, etc were weighed in. 
Leopards have a way of making you only see the negative in your life, yourself, and the world around you. They paint a picture of solitude, tying you down to your old self. Leopards never change, but that doesn't mean you can't. Make a conscious decision to cut all ties from such individuals or situations, otherwise you'll become a leopard yourself. 
How to not be a Leopard:
  1. Envision yourself being the best version of yourself you can possibly be, and work each day to actively bring this individual to life.
  2. Speak light, positivity and love to your network. Whether it be coworkers, classmates or family members, there's no need to spew negativity. 
  3. Change is the most constant thing in life. Look at your life X amount of years ago and note the evident changes. Map out that same X amount of years in the future and jot down what more could be achieved in that time.
  4. LISTEN! Those around you could be speaking life into your existence, but if you refuse to adhere to their advice, they'll grow and you'll remain a leopard in the wild.
  5. Quit playing the Blame Game. No one is in charge of your change but yourself, you are the writer of your life story.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! A leopard's spots are like a bad rash; with time & adequate treatment, it'll eventually clear.