Matchy Matchy

Apologies for the tardiness of this post. I had every intention to publish it yesterday, but plans got the better of me. So here goes...
I'm one of those individuals that would rather have things my way or have nothing at all. So, at the point when i broke from my last super serious relationship, i made a list of all the things I wanted evidenced in the next dude, or deal with no one at all. That prompted concerns from my friends who couldn't quite wrap their heads around my (what they'd termed) 'stubbornness'. Some even tagged my efforts as a means of cockblocking my own happiness, but I just wouldn't be happy otherwise. The way I saw it, women (and men alike) all around me, were settling. And having settled, some way down the line, the chains of communication or what have you...break down and they find their hearts broken along with it. Whats the point in that? My system effectively avoids this altogether. Thats not to say I wont (and haven't) still run the risk of a breakup or heartbreak, but atleast it will be worth it.
Utility Jacket : Pull & Bear | Crop top : H&M | MOM Jeans : Thrifted (Gerry Weber)
However, it wasn't until I came face-to-face with this tickboxed-matched-to-perfection candidate that i was forced to face the reality that perhaps my system flawed. Because, standing before me the other day was a dude that pretty much put my list to shame. He ticked each and every requirement I had repetitively listed time & time again, yet I felt nothing. There was no spark. No connection. And this isn't me conjuring up some Disney-like fairytale first encounter. Just facing the facts that perhaps Vivica A Fox was on to something in 'Two Can Play That Game'; emotions and issues of the heart can't be regimented and compartmentalised.
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So there I was dully conversing with this 'Match' of a dude. Match droned on about all the things I had wanted and politely treated me how I'd described, yet I was left wanting. *chuckles* Maybe this is why my guy friends remark that "women don't know what they want"? All I know is that there was no room for the mystery of real need to delve deeper as on the surface, he had recited what I already knew he would say. Pussycat Dolls sure were right when they chimed "be careful what you wish for 'cos you just might get it"! I guess this is the issue with modern day dating. If you have all the information before you by access to their facebook profiles, tweets, and instagram snaps, then that knocks off the first 3-or-so months of discovery dates and what are you left with? Straight to the "who's that chic always writing on your wall?" LOL! Never that!
Back to Match. I guess, what I'm forced to conclude is that I renounce my list. I wont be returning to the drawing board and mapping out this characteristic or that personality trait. Far from it. I'm going to finally relinquish control and just let it be. Having Match stand there before me was like God's way of saying "here you go then" and I went running off screaming in the other direction. Thats not to say I'm willing to settle, but perhaps its time I embraced the fact that I don't know best. Its perfectly ok to open my mind to the mysteries that life fling my way because the reality is, those unexpected opportunities are what truly moulds your character and forms you as a person. Sometimes, a better person than you could ever have envisaged.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Sometimes matchy-matchy just isn't so perfectly matched afterall.