iTuned In

I was fortunate enough to attend THREE iTunes Festival concerts in September! My sister took me as a guest to the Jake Bugg concert first where Valerie June opened for him. Secondly was the Jessie J concert with Lawson opening. And finally, was the John Legend concert with Tamar Braxton as his opening act. I'll round up the experience as flippin' fantastic, alliteration & all. The energy in the room was electric, the performances were phenomenal and the vocal range of the artists were worthy of commendation. I was thrilled to have been able to experience that and share it with you all because I truly had a blast!
Valerie June | Jake Bugg 
But the reason I'm sharing it now is not to rub your noses in my luck or to trill at how brilliant live music is in comparison to jamming with your headphones on the tube to your favourite artists. No. I wanted to share this experience because as i mentioned in my last post, I'm all about living in the now. I made a bucket list of key things I'd like to do, achieve or attend by the end of the year and I'm happy to say that i surpassed my expectations on the festival front. I was fortunate enough to have seen every single artist I'd like to have seen live this summer! Beyonce, JayZ, Justin Timberlake, Brandy, Jessie J, The Script, Frank Ocean, Miguel, Trey Songz, John Legend, Tamar Braxton, and many more! I'm thrilled to be able to successfully tick that off my list and move on to other things.
Lawson | Jessie J (Special Guests: Brandy & Dizzie Rascal)
You see, I reached a point where I was thumping on a brick wall. i was done with the party scene but i'm still very much a social butterfly. So what gives? I had to take a step back to see  what I truly enjoyed doing? I like travelling but the lack of funding inhibited me from fulfilling those dreams so i decided to do the next best thing and experience the most of my world as it existed around me. I was looking for culturally enriching experiences that were still enjoyable. As I've pretty much visited every major museum, that wasn't really on my radar.
Tamar Braxton | John Legend (Spotted: Vince Herbert)
Tuning in to life allows you to completely live life to fullest. By tuning in, you open yourself to more experiences and inevitably enjoy life more. So what if you don't like a particular scene? Find one that you DO like & pave the way, others will surely follow. I'm glad to proudly say I'm comfortable in my own skin & enjoy my own company, but I find this column especially beneficial to those finding themselves (especially if you're just coming out of a long-term relationship). Experiencing new things & ruling things out and circling things to re-visit is the best way to learn more about yourself. Your likes & dislikes. I learned that I aint mad at folk music by listening to Valerie June...who knew?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Its time to tune in & adjust your life dial to experience it to the max.