Pilgrim of Age

As you guys know, I'm on a journey of self-discovery (as all of you should be), and as a recent graduate, I've got a lot of time (a bit TOO much time) on my hands to create and dissipate. I've found myself rekindling interests of old (I've recently re-taken up knitting and just finished a ball of yarn enroute to knitting a thick wooly masterpiece) and tailoring them in with the new.
One of the things I have thoroughly enjoyed doing in my free time along with BIYs (more to come) is reading more. I took up the challenge this year (with the help of my sister) of reading a book a month. That was challenging in the months where the White Book and Blackstones were kicking my ass, but I stuck to it. I also endeavoured to read a newspaper everyday (thank you dear God for creating the man who created the Kindle...embrace technology people) as well as a scathing piece of blogging journalism to broaden my outlook on life and so far so good. Along with all this is watching the news everyday, which is a battle I seem to be losing now that I have all this free time on my hands to do the things I actually enjoy but...baby steps!
Dress : Internacionale | Shirt : H&M
I am divulging all this to convey to you the steps one must take to bust out of the rut. It wasn't easy and we're in June for Pete's sake. I realised at the end of last year that I was seriously lacking in the current affairs department. When people mentioned wars, I would rant on about WWII stories I'd learned in Year 8 history...camarrrrrn! I had fallen into a pattern of comfort in the things I knew and didn't want to be depressed by whatever else was happening in the world but those are just excuses. The same can be said for most things. Those of you who sit at home eating your body's weight in junk reassuring yourself that your man likes you curvy. He just might, but your arteries don't like being clogged so something's gotta give. Those of you who stay slaying the Beauty by JJ's of the world when you'd truly relish the benefits such craftsmanship could do to your appearance, personality and confidence (yeah...I see you).
Bowler Hat : H&M | Belt : Thrifted | Cuff : Claires
We grow up thirsting for freewill, but what we do when we finally have it is completely up to us. Contentment is a ballbreaker. Not only is it challenging me to love who I am and where I stand, but its also pushing me to become the best version there is of myself. With age comes wisdom, but with wisdom should come an understanding that age is not the definitive factor. You are. You choose what you take up or drop off. You choose what habits are best left in your teens and what friends are worth the freight charge on your life's ship. Your choices shape your character so don't give up quite so easy. So what you if you forgot today's squat challenge? You haven't fallen off the weight-wagon quite yet! So what you forgot to co-wash your hair this weekend? Missing one wont do killer damage to your hair journey! So what if you missed the deadline for one application? Perhaps that role isn't on your life's script, take up another. Look through your past and see what is worth picking back up, dropping off, and perhaps even finally choosing to do something you'd always planned but written off.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Contentment has definitely taught me that on this pilgrimage to self-discovery age is not a factor, but rather a benefactor. Xisses