Calm through the Storm

"courage is not the absence of fear, it is pressing forward when you feel afraid" Joyce Meyer
Jacket : H&M | Top : Primark | Shorts : BIY from MOM Jeans | Boots : M&S 
I admit it, I'm a hypocrite. I sat on my high horse and doled out advice I wasn't adhering to myself. Someone close to me recently dealt with rejection and I shed light on the possibility that it may not have been their calling at that time and advised to exercise patience as the reward in due course would be far greater than initially envisioned. *tuts* If only I could've recorded that and replayed it to myself last week. You see, its so much easier to dish than to dine on your own cuisine.
 BIY 4 quick steps - Highwaisted distress shorts from these vintage Mom jeans 
Not getting your own way can be frustrating. My father shed light on the fact that a man is not measured by his fall but his recovery from it. Its important to note that failure is a natural course of life. We can't all excel at everything otherwise no one would excel at anything (if that makes sense?). My heart was warmed this afternoon when a reader shared that my blog was the motivation behind her attaining a 2.1 today! THAT my friends, is how one successfully overcome failure. That's not to say the battle uphill will be easy...far from it. But I urge you (and myself) to press on through the storm, for there can be no rainbow without rain and no true joy without pain.
We've all been in situations where you feel like you're battling a thousand and one adversaries with little or no strength left. I've learned not to depend on others, or myself even, but on God. I've spoken before on having your spiritual springboard to draw back to when the time calls. Well, rejection and hard times call for some serious divine intervention. The fear connected with failure or rejection isolates you into believing you're in this alone. Whether it means running to confession at catholic mass, calling on your reverend for intercession or fasting and vigiling...something's gotta give. I thought in order to remain calm one had to be silent. I learned the hard way that it just prompts the brewery of dangerous emotions. But one thing is worthy of note, breaking down doesn't weaken your spirit. Its what you choose to do after that depicts your character and the outcome of your personal battle. Choose to wallow longer than is warranted and guaranteed, that sitch will get the best of you. As hard as it is, you HAVE to pick yourself up and fight on to claim your true triumph. 
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! A true victor doesn't wait for the storm to pass, but wages a war through it and surely that, he shall surpass. Xisses