I used to be a full fledged stan. I was Jigga's ride/die, Bey's bee, Riri's naval commander and all what else. But then, I started to note the cracks in the works. That in no way prompted me to dig deeper, and neither did I take sides with the ignorant 'Truth About Hiphop' conspiracy theorists. No, what I did was pull the wool from over my eyes and finally see my much loved celebrities for what they truly were; HUMAN!
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In the wake of what may be the UK celeb-media's greatest bust since Amy Winehouse's in 2011, some's darling's Tulisa was arrested on suspicion of supplying cocaine after leaking her sources to a reporter. I'm no reporter myself, neither do I embrace the tactics employed, but DANG! She's going DOWN! 
Footage from the Brighton Marathon (supported my brother running for Sparks)
Do I feel sorry for her? Maybe a little. Do I think she is being scapegoated? Hell yeah. Do I think it fair? Damn skippy! People forget that along with talent comes fame, and with fame comes public scrutiny. Along with that comes responsibility. The world doesn't just sit by and nod along to your every move because you are so & so (take note Bey), you have to earn it.  If that means that you're deprived from living the YOLO lifestyle you'd always dreamed? So be it...thats just the little price you're paying for the millions in the bank and the influence you command. This post speaks to all the Nicki Barbz, Kelly RowlandStones, Beyonce Bees, Rihanna Navies and whatever other name you're titled other than sheep. Wake up and smell the coffee booboo's cos I'm sitting in the coffee shop just waiting for you to join me.
It casts a light on our fickle society that just a week from the gruesome murder of a drummer in Woolwich, we're more concerned about the [far from] drug baron [sniggers] that is our ex-X Factor judge *tuts*. The truth of the matter is, we live in a world thats far more moved by the intricate details of celebrities than our fellow meagre mortals so why wont the justice system, media and all the forces that be play up to that? Yes, the MJ murder was solved far more speedily than the Stephen Lawrence trial (steering clear of the fact that its in a different jurisdiction) and the Lohan trials ALWAYS ended in her recommittal to rehab in the face of COUNTLESS evidence to the contrary...but it serves to state repercussions of sin and crime (and what power capital can buy you, but we'll save that for another time) so don't sit back and advocate on the stars' behalf when you know not the whole truth, and nothing but.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Careful what team you're batting for 'cos my guesses serve me correct in noting the captains aren't batting eyelids at your formation in the least. Xisses