I Dreamed in Technicolour

Life has always been so black & white for me. I knew what I wanted to be from 6 years old and have pretty much worked all my life to get it. Yes, I have taken a minute or two out to bask in the luxuries of life but I've never truly appreciated life and all its perks. In a bid to be more content this year, I realised that in order for you to embrace who you truly are, you have to give yourself room to discover who that is in the first place.
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Hence I started the initiative to say 'yes' more. I spent most of last year saying 'no' to opportunities due to a lack of funding (saving for Bar School) or just not wanting to be the person I once was (staying away from bars & clubs) much to the irritation of my friends. But I soon discovered that it, in turn, made me miserable. It was like cutting myself off from life support, and in a sense, thats what your social network is. Thats not to say in a bid to live a more righteous life you should compromise your morals, but rather create viable alternatives if you think your network truly worthy of revival.
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I dreamed in technicolour. I was caging my life within this age-old box of black and white. Yes, pursue your dreams, but don't do so blindly. Don't miss out on the greatness that the world has to offer because you're dead set on achieving one thing. People lust after the dynamic (don't mistake this for loud) characters in the room; the ones that 'shine bright like a diamond' and everyone is left in awe. Don't wither with the shadows in the crowd because you're too scared to take the bull by the horns. Carpe diem bleurgher boos! I am intent on saying 'yes' (within reasonable limit) to more things and opening my eyes to the endless possibilities that life has in store.
Broadening your horizons will enrich your spirit. If you allow yourself to be boxed in, then you lose the rough edges that make you who you truly are. As discussed in my previous post, acknowledging your strengths and discovering what actually interests you will make you a more versatile candidate for greater things in life. I'm blessed to be surrounded by an ambitious network of friends, one of which enlightened me to some very accomplished individuals. The first thing I noted was that these professionals had dipped their toes into groundbreaking initiatives that are changing the scope of the professions as well as the world we currently live in. No one human is just one thing. Some are women; mothers to some and daughters to others, as well as a list of other things. Why then should we choose to chase after one thing only and cockblock the pursuit of others in the process?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Life isn't well lived in black & white. Learn to embrace the opportunities and you'll see your light shine bright. Xisses