Au revoir GFC...Hola Bloglovin'

This is just a quickie post on the last day of the month that splits the year to inform you guys of some groundbreaking news. GFC is no more!! From next month, all my 450+ followers will be extinct so its CRITICAL that you take the time to follow BLEURGH on Bloglovin' PLEASE!
I don't want to miss out on all my lovely messages and the wise words you guys share with me after each post or via email.
So PLEASE click on to BLOGLOVIN and subscribe to BLEURGH and if you want to be proactive and import all the other blogs you're following, then click HERE, click on 'Google Reader' and then 'Import from Google Reader', and finally grant authentication. Voila!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! In the words of Usher Raymond, 'come follow me'. Xisses